BlogDash Academy was created for you, the blogger, to learn how to write quality posts and market yourself as a professional blogger. We will offer posts, videos, webinars and other blogger tools and resources to help you along the way. As an academy participant, you will also learn how to write specifically for BlogDash' clients and find more pitching opportunities. You will increase your marketability and social influence on our platform with our step-by-step guides.

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BlogDash Step-by-Step Education

BlogDash offers quality resource materials, education, tips and training for bloggers to significantly improve their blogging skills and opportunities. Complete courses and outlines available.


  • Beginning Blogging

    As a new blogger, you can learn how to create a blog from scratch, how to design it and prepare it for traffic and readership.

    Blog Writting

    You will learn step-by-step on how to write a good blog post, along with proper structure, grammar and appeal.

    Seo Blogging

    There's a certain way that you need to write for search engines, if you want your material to get noticed. Here, we'll show you.

    Blog Marketing and Monetization

    Learn how to effectively monetize your blog and market it to an audience who's looking for your products or services.

    Social Media Blogging

    Blogging and connecting your social media platforms is essential for productive bloggers. Learn how to connect all of your accounts, how to make a post go viral and why social media is important to you as a blogger.

    Tips 4 Bloggers

    Tips 4 bloggers

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