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3 Tips For Choosing a Great Logo Color

Logo Color

Great designers understand that every element of a logo is crucial when creating a brand. Colors of a brand are often the first thing that a consumer recognizes. The most famous brands have a strong global recognition of their colors and use them consistently throughout all of their branding material. So, let’s discuss some advice on how to choose the ... Read More »

Do you blog about WordPress and/or Woocommerce? Check this paid opportunity


Dear bloggers, we have launched a new paid opportunity related to WordPress, Woocommerce and/or Web hosting. If you have a site related to WordPress themes, tips, plugins and/or WordPress Hosting, please read more on this opportunity. About our client Our client is an organisation which specialises in supporting Small to Medium Businesses that range in size from as little as ... Read More »

Time Management Tips for Writers

Time management

Time management is very important in every known domain out there and without it, you get the feeling that nothing gets done. Any google search will give you at least 10 excellent ideas on time management but what some people fail to observe is that these tips must be applied to every category in part. And if you’re looking for ... Read More »