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Paid Opportunity for Blogs Related to Small Business and Home-Based Business

This is a Product Review Opportunity for Small Business Blogs Dear bloggers, We are looking for Small Business and Home-Based Business bloggers to do product reviews about small office equipment. Client will send you the product, you test it, you write a review about it, you post your review in your blog and share it across your social media accounts. Please ... Read More »

Data Safety Tips for the Small Business

Data Safety Tips

Data Safety Tips The online attacks have on the rise over a couple of years. In the year of 2017, there was one of the huge cyber ransomware attack on the corporate sector and as well as the government sector of all time. The security of the entire world was fallen and plenty of underdeveloped and developed countries had affected ... Read More »

Google AMP Pages – What Do They Mean for Small Business?


 AMP Officially launched a year ago, the AMP project, acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages, is undoubtedly one of Google’s priority projects. After a presentation to the general public, Google also announced the official release of its Accelerated Mobile Page project. It is indeed Google who is the leader and its lobbying around AMP is active. Indeed, under the cover of ... Read More »