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How to become influential using blogger outreach

Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach Nowadays blogs play an important role in influencing consumers/costumers in buying products. People are trusting blog advertisement more and more everyday then other social networks or media sites. This is where blogger outreach plays a key role. Here is our 117th week of roundup articles. We hope the articles we have chosen will help you become a more ... Read More »

Blogger Outreach: It’s All About Being a Great Connector

Great Connector

Great Connector When doing blogger outreach you’re actually trying to be a great connector. You’re aiming in connecting your target audience to your brand, and bloggers are exactly that link in the chain that can help businesses become more human and better listen and align to the needs of their consumers. Connecting brands with bloggers and their audiences is a ... Read More »

The Perfect Love Letter

Love Letter

Love Letter We guess that the amount of red hearts shared around gave you at least a clue that today we’re celebrating the romantic Valentine’s Day.  This day works as a little reminder to cherish our loved ones, the relationships we are a part of and makes us all a little bit more joyful. We got caught up a little ... Read More »

The Art of Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging Guest blogging is one of the greatest way of sharing content. It requires a little bit more effort when reaching out for bloggers willing to accept this, but if you focus on being relevant for their audience you should be able to succeed in establishing a strong partnership. For our 106th roundup we focused on gathering the best advice on ... Read More »

Influencer Marketing: Full Speed Ahead

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Happy New Year everyone! We hope you all had a great holiday and you’re ready to make the best out of 2013. We started the year scooping out the Internet to find out the most interesting articles about blogger outreach as engaging with online influencers remains one of the most powerful marketing tactics for the year to come ... Read More »

True Influencers Are a Brand’s Greatest Asset


Influencers Nowadays traditional advertising efforts are far from being enough in order to truly make a brand differentiate in the consumer’s minds. All modern marketing campaigns are integrating all sorts of tools and tactics, employing both online and offline media in order to make people notice them and influencers play a key role. However, the secret of a successful campaign ... Read More »

Make Your Pitch Interesting for the Blogger’s Audience You Are Pitching

Blogger's Audience

Blogger’s Audience As we were searching for interesting advice to share with you for our 87th roundup, we came across to this very interesting opinion: make your pitch interesting for the blogger’s audience you are pitching. We agree that this must be the golden rule when pitching to bloggers. Consider that there’s no third party between your brand and a ... Read More »

Blogger Outreach: Beware of Lazy Pitching

Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach Hello everyone and welcome to our 84th week of roundup articles. As always we have scoped out the Internet to find the latest tips related to blogger outreach. We have found some really interesting suggestions that can help even the most experienced marketers to avoid falling into most common traps. Don’t forget, you need to be realistic about ... Read More »