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Pitching your Way to the Bloggers’ Hearts


Pitching Although any of the steps involved in the outreach process are equally important, the amount of critiques, advice and chatter revolves around the pitching. PR professionals are trying to find the perfect balance between keeping it short and personal, but giving enough information, so the blogger can understand what the opportunity is about. Bloggers are usually complaining that the ... Read More »

Considerations for Pitching Fashion Bloggers

Pitching Fashion Bloggers

Pitching Fashion Bloggers Bloggers are key elements in starting viral conversations that can spread information within the beauty and fashion industries. For our 110 roundup we found some interesting articles you should carefully read before starting or continuing your blogger outreach campaigns dedicated to the fashion and beauty online communities. So here are good resources on how Pitching Fashion Bloggers ... Read More »

Pitching Bloggers: Love At First Sight

Pitching Bloggers

Pitching Bloggers Yes, that’s right! When pitching bloggers, you must make them love you from the first time you contact them, otherwise you may not get another chance. In order for that to happen you must use some charming tricks, but respect some ground rules at the same time. Welcome to our 80th week of roundup Pitching articles, enjoy reading! Courtney ... Read More »