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The Secret to Connecting with Influencers


Influencers Welcome to the 127th week of round-ups! With the weekend just around the corner, we thought we’d keep it light and let you in on an itty-bitty secret when connecting with influencers – sincerity. More often than not, companies are so focused on getting their message out, they forget to put themselves in the mind of a blogger. Before ... Read More »

Online Influencers Are Worth Chasing

Online Influencers

Online Influencers We’ve reached our 122nd week of round-up articles. It’s been amazing to see how many useful resources on blogger outreach and online influencers we could find and share with you since we started this series and this week isn’t any different. We found a couple of interesting blogger outreach related articles that we think might come in handy ... Read More »

How to become influential using blogger outreach

Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach Nowadays blogs play an important role in influencing consumers/costumers in buying products. People are trusting blog advertisement more and more everyday then other social networks or media sites. This is where blogger outreach plays a key role. Here is our 117th week of roundup articles. We hope the articles we have chosen will help you become a more ... Read More »

Spreading Your Content like Wildfire


Wildfire Isn’t this the dream of every PR pro or brand ambassador out there? Going viral like Wildfire, making communities talk about you product, event, brand – this is the thing chased through all the marketing efforts deployed. Influencers can help you set trends, but for that you need to find the ones who have authority in their niche. They ... Read More »

Blogger outreach made fast and easy

Blogger outreach

Blogger outreach Welcome to our 72nd week of roundup articles on blogger outreach. It seems that the beginning of summer has inspired people all around the blogosphere to share valuable advice with us. Today we’re bringing you some efficient examples of how not to run blogger outreach campaigns and some useful tips on how to connect your brand with top ... Read More »

How to engage online influencers

Online influencers

Online influencers Welcome to the 70th week of round-up articles online influencers. For this week, we’d like to share with you some useful tips on how to pitch bloggers successfully. Working with bloggers can be fun and much easier when, instead of approaching them using automated and impersonal email correspondences, you build a strong relationship. Having this in mind we’re ... Read More »

Blogger Outreach done right

Blogger outreach

Welcome to the 66th week of round-up articles. It’s been amazing to discover and share with you lots of useful tips regarding blogger pitches and outreach campaigns. This week, we’d like to present you the opportunity to learn a bit more about how you should and should not be working with online influencers. So, here are this week’s posts: The ... Read More »