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Towards a Singularity Marketing?

Singularity Marketing

From segmented marketing to singularity marketing: how far can we really personalize the digital customer experience? To get out of mass marketing, specialists and advertisers have bet on the segmentation-targeting-positioning triptych in order to personalize the relationship between brands and their customers and prospects. In other words, the finesse of client segmentation on the basis of essentially socio-demographic, psycho-graphic or ... Read More »

Proximity Marketing – Probabale Future of Digital Retail Market

Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing Marketing mix has influenced the world of marketing significantly. The concept of 4P’s- product, price, promotion, place by E Jerome McCarthy which was later changed to packaging, positioning, people and performance initiated remarkable growth and success to number of brands in the market. The new era brought with it the concept of proximity. The concept uses the geographical ... Read More »

Trust Building On The Social Media – How to Do It for Brands?

Trust Building On The Social Media

Social Media The success in marketing hinges around creating a brand that establishes a credible identity for the business. Once consumers know the brand, you have to build brand equity by gaining their trust that forms the foundation of the brand building. It is only possible through closer consumer engagement by using the channels of communications that build relationships with ... Read More »

Learn about Main Types of Shopping Cart Software and Their Characteristics

Shopping Cart Software and Their Characteristics

Shopping Cart Software and Their Characteristics These days, it is quite easy to set up an e-store and start selling goods or services extremely fast. However, if you don’t give enough time and efforts to study the main types of shopping cart software, it is possible to choose the wrong one, and it can make the operation of your e-store ... Read More »

Bloggers Are Excellent for Marketing

Marketing There are a multitude of ways to market a new product with marketing. Here are some: Advertising: This is going to be one of the most tried-and-true methods because it’s always going to work. No matter the audience’s size or demographics, there will always be someone who wants to buy your product. The only drawback is actually finding where your ... Read More »