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AIoT: The Powerful Convergence of AI and IoT


Introduction Science and technology have continued to progress with time. There was a time in the 70s and 80s when humans used to think of Artificial Intelligence in the near future. And with the global implementation of 5G in 2020, IoT will become a reality to streamline connectivity between devices within a network. More the information an organization has about ... Read More »

6 Ways Modern Technology is Helping Various Industrial Sectors to Advance

Modern Technology

Ever since people started doing business, the successful use of modern technology was one of the most important driving factors behind the success of companies that were reasonable enough to take notice of these breakthrough concepts. These days, at the very beginning of 2020, things are very similar. The only major thing that did change is the depth and frequency of ... Read More »

How to Leverage IoT Benefits in Mobile App Development Solutions


IoT IoT or the Internet of Things is without any doubt a quite significant breakthrough in this era of technology. It is simply empowered with its mobility solutions along with its highly advanced capabilities. This appropriate blend that is possessed by IoT provides an exceptional re-envision to almost all of the businesses as well as consumer experiences. So, with its ... Read More »

6 Ways In Which IoT Will Transform Travel


IoT will transform travel IoT has become a buzzword lately. It has made an impact on every industry you can think of. Travel is no exception to this. According to SITA Airline IT Trends Survey, 86% of the airline companies think that IoT will provide clear benefits over the next three years. It let travel companies connect smart devices with ... Read More »