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7 Tips to Perfect Your Pitch to Bloggers

So we’ve covered the first three steps of the FREPT system: Find, Research and Engage. Now, the part you’ve all been waiting for… All your hard work to this point can go down the drain if you don’t do this part correctly. But hey, here’s the good news.  If you’ve already done all the hard work to research and engage ... Read More »

The FREPT Model for Blogger Outreach

THIS POST IS PART FIVE OF “THE GUIDE TO BLOGGER OUTREACH” BLOG POST SERIES.  GET THE ENTIRE GUIDE NOW FOR FREE HERE. Blogger Outreach can seem very complicated, simply because there are so many damn bloggers out there.  It’s an unfamiliar space for many businesses today. So let’s break the process down a bit. Introducing… Step 1: Find The first step ... Read More »