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Tips for Beginners: Making your Blog Successful


Beginners Hi everybody! We are already into our 128th week of round-ups! This one’s dedicated to all the beginners out there who are either thinking of starting a blog or have just begun.  Are you asking yourself questions such as “How do I start?” or “How can I be sure my blog will succeed?” Well, you are in luck! We ... Read More »

Fine-Tune Your Blogger Outreach Activity

Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach Engaging with bloggers it’s an activity that requires flexibility and a good eye for spotting each blogger’s personality and interests. Blogger outreach campaigns often need ongoing adjustments, because the effort needed for building strong professional relationships it’s not actually something you can accurately measure and predict. Welcome to our 83rd week of roundup articles, we hope you’ll enjoy ... Read More »

How to engage online influencers

Online influencers

Online influencers Welcome to the 70th week of round-up articles online influencers. For this week, we’d like to share with you some useful tips on how to pitch bloggers successfully. Working with bloggers can be fun and much easier when, instead of approaching them using automated and impersonal email correspondences, you build a strong relationship. Having this in mind we’re ... Read More »