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3 Benefits of Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Content marketing will always be a heavyweight in the marketing circle. That’s because readers and customers love content that’s creates value for them, content they can readily use and apply to their businesses and content that’s evergreen, meaning they can use and apply that content to any area and at any point in their businesses. Very often, business don’t ... Read More »

10 Ways to Build a Relationship With a Blogger

Pitching Bloggers

Relationship Short and Sweet! Here are the 10 ways you can build a relationship with a blogger. Let’s begging: 1) Comment on their posts, 2) Invite them to guest post for you, 3) Interview them, 4) Meet them at events, 5) Email them with questions/comments, 6) Invite them to an event, 7) Connect with them on twitter or facebook, 8) ... Read More »

A Holistic Approach on Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging Hello everyone and welcome to our 108th week of roundup articles! This time we spotted out the fact that almost every time a conversation about blogger outreach practices is started, it somehow gets around guest blogging and the value it brings compared to all other ways of working with bloggers. Guest blogging campaigns require great effort and dedication. ... Read More »

The Perfect Love Letter

Love Letter

Love Letter We guess that the amount of red hearts shared around gave you at least a clue that today we’re celebrating the romantic Valentine’s Day.  This day works as a little reminder to cherish our loved ones, the relationships we are a part of and makes us all a little bit more joyful. We got caught up a little ... Read More »

Influencer Marketing: Full Speed Ahead

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Happy New Year everyone! We hope you all had a great holiday and you’re ready to make the best out of 2013. We started the year scooping out the Internet to find out the most interesting articles about blogger outreach as engaging with online influencers remains one of the most powerful marketing tactics for the year to come ... Read More »

The Importance of Influence

Influence Hello everyone and welcome to our 99th week of roundup articles. We’re already caught up in the holiday spirit thinking about presents and family. And talking about family… that reminded us of how important and powerful the influence that others have upon us is. That’s what marketers today have speculated and just like that a new form of marketing ... Read More »