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How to Successfully Pitch Bloggers

Pitch Bloggers

Pitch Bloggers Hello to you all and welcome to our very special 75th roundup. For this week we focused mainly on how to pitch bloggers the right way. Besides that we’ve also found a couple of interesting resources regarding how to use Pinterest to engage with online influencers and a nice blogger outreach campaign coming from McDonald’s. Therefore sit back ... Read More »

Why blogger outreach is useful?

Blogger outreach

Blogger outreach We’ve reached the 74th week of roundup articles meant to help you discover why blogger outreach is becoming an important part of social media campaigns. We believe that as a business you need to know how to do blogger outreach the right way, otherwise your brand will get either unnoticed, or bad PR. Here are this week’s best ... Read More »

The importance of doing blogger outreach

Blogger outreach

Blogger outreach Hello and welcome to our 73rd week of blogger outreach roundup articles. This week we’ve searched the web for the most interesting articles on how to perform blogger outreach campaigns and were impressed with what we have found. Our research for the past week has unveiled some useful articles on relationship building and on using social platforms to ... Read More »

The secrets of successful blogger outreach

Blogger outreach Knowing how to engage with online influencers is crucial for your marketing campaigns and your brand. Done right, positive results won’t hesitate to come. In our 71st weekly roundup we’re focusing on a nice topic: How to perform blogger outreach the right way! For this week, we thought it would be interesting to share with you some useful ... Read More »

What are the benefits of blogger outreach?

blogger outreach

This is our 65th week of the best blogger outreach articles. Our research for the past week has unveiled four helpful blog posts on why blogger outreaching is a valuable resource for many businesses. Here are this week’s top 4 articles:   Our first pick is Christina Strickland with Blogger Outreach Campaigns: Benefits for your Brand. Check out what amazing ... Read More »

How to do Blogger Outreach the right way

Blogger Outreach

Welcome to the 63rd week of round-up articles. We’re absolutely sure you’ll enjoy reading this week’s awesome articles on how to do blogger outreach the right way. Here are this week’s top 4 blog posts:     Our first pick for the week is Heather Whaling’s article Pinterest: A Blogger Outreach Secret Weapon. Check out the brilliant campaign created to ... Read More »

The ingredients for a perfect pitch

This is our 59th week of the best blogger outreach articles and posts. Our research for the past week has unveiled three intriguing opinions on what the vital ingredients are for a good and valuable pitch. We’re inviting you to have a look at our recommendations: 1. Our first choice was Danny Brown from Jugnoo Inc. and his article entitled ... Read More »