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7 Growth Hacking Strategies that Wins

How growth hacking can help your business

How growth hacking can help your business Almost 100 million businesses are launched every year, according to GEM Global Report (almost 3 new businesses every second). The purpose of any business is to generate profits, benefit end-users, retain them, and seek gradual growth over the years. However, with quite a number of startups each year, 90% of them fail. The ... Read More »

Blogging to Sell or Share?

Blogging It’s a misnomer that ALL bloggers are simply blogging just to sell something on their blogs. That’s just not true. Now while the majority of bloggers blog as a way to create an income, some bloggers blog simply for the enjoyment of it. Blogging is indeed a business, and a very lucrative one if properly marketed. But the truth is ... Read More »