Why Social Media Marketing is important for a business

Why Social Media Marketing is important for a business

Today is the world of ever-advancing technologies, a website is not sufficient for your business. You have to extend your digital storefront to make a strong online presence. The majority of brands and businesses are using social media marketing to increase business’ visibility online, expand brand presence, and attract new customers. It helps businesses to keep their fingers on the pulse of the customer’s needs. Social media marketing is a vital part of the modern marketing mix and has the potential to transform your business to the next level. It is a powerful campaign tool that intelligently rockets your traffic, promotes your business, and increases leads and sales with maximum returns.

Six advantages of Social Media Marketing:

1) Improved Brand Recognition:

Social Media Marketing has the power to increase your business visibility. Social media presence is just a new way of campaigning that transfers your brand’s voice and content to customers. Social media platform increases the awareness of the business among users.

2) Better brand loyalty:

Latest Studies say, businesses who have a hold on social media channels enjoy advanced loyalty from their audience.

3) More chance:

Every post on a social media platform provides an opportunity to convert viewers into potential customers. Some visitors like, some share and some can tweet and comment on your images, blogs and videos. Social Media is an excellent platform to spread information.

4) Enlarged Traffic and Conversion rates:

Traffic and conversions are the forefronts of any online business. Social media platforms allow you to communicate efficiently and consistently with people. As a result, customers will take interest to know about your goods and services. Here, you have a chance to convert traffic into potential customers.

5) Lessen Marketing Costs:

Social Media is an effective way to promote your brand online without investing a ton of money. Use of radio, television, print banners & pamphlet for promoting a business is an old way of marketing. Your business cannot survive with traditional marketing campaigns. Now you need a modern marketing campaign that saves your time and money while advertising your business faster and efficiently. There is no better Return on Investment than having your visitors advertise for you.

6) Improved Search Engine Rankings:

Evergreen Search engine optimization tactics are the best way to gain relevant traffic from search engines. It is no longer sufficient to update blogs, Meta descriptions regularly, ensure optimized title tags, and distribute links pointing back to your website. Social Media presence is a significant factor for calculating ranking on Google and other search engines. That is the reasons why strong brands have a social media presence.

How to Use Social Media to Keep an Eye on the Competition

I hope you have understood that Social Media is more than sharing pictures of last night’s party or informing your friends’ list that you just finished your breakfast. Social media marketing is an approach to engaging customers. With more than billions of Facebook users and more than 100 million active Twitter users worldwide, there are many reasons to consider incorporating social media marketing into your existing marketing campaign. Social media marketing has the potential to leave a long-lasting impression about your business on any customers’ mind.

When it comes to staying ahead in business, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on your competitors. You want to know what they are doing, what strategies they are trying, and what types of products they are promoting, and most of all: what is working for them. Social media gives entrepreneurs a window to look into where you can find all of that information. You just need to know where to look.

Keep a private list of posts on Facebook and Twitter :

The great thing about sites like Twitter and Facebook is that you do not have to be following someone in order to see their public tweets and posts. On Facebook, you can simply click the “Like” button for the page of your competitors and add the name to an interest list. Another option is to just click the “Follow” tab on the other person or brand’s Facebook page. This lets you see all of the public posts that the other person adds.

With Twitter, you can make a private list of the other person’s tweets. Your name will not show up as one of their followers. Simple. To find out what pages you should be watching on Facebook, go to Graph Search and type in a query like: “Pages liked by people who like [brand/person]. This helps you find the people and brands that your target audience follows on Facebook.

Make a list of “Pages to Watch”:

Another great tool from Facebook is the “Pages to Watch” feature. Click on your Facebook Insights tab and select the link for Pages to Watch. It will offer some suggestions, but you can also add in your own from the results of your Graph Search.

Find email addresses for marketing and networking:

You probably already have a lot of ways to obtain email addresses for your marketing strategy, but another one is always good to know. It takes a bit of work, but can definitely be worth it. One of the first places to begin your search should be LinkedIn and Twitter bios. A lot of people and brands include a link for easier contact here. Another trick is to do a Google search.

Just type in [name’s email] or [name @domain name]. This can be good if you are looking for an email address for staff members at a specific business. With the results, you can add the email addresses to your database for future marketing purposes or to make important networking connections for your brand. In this age of social media.

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