Using Twitter for Blogging

Using Twitter for Blogging

Is it beneficial to use Twitter for blogging?

Do you have a Twitter account? If not, you may be one of the few bloggers who have not begun using this effective marketing social tool.

Twitter is a highly popular social networking marketing tool that works quite well for bloggers. It has proven to be a very valuable marketing asset for many business people in the blogging circle because of its blogging nature. It’s quick, it’s brief and users can often manage it very well even from mobile devices.

Because it is such a quick tool, Twitter platform gives users have the ability to instantly post an updates on their pages and the ability to post links to other interesting, pertinent informational links that may interest their followers. The 140-character limit is ideal because it keeps the communication succinct, yet interesting.

Here’s how to set up a Twitter account. First, go to the Twitter site and sign up for a free account. After you have set up your account and confirmed it, Twitter will offer suggestions to you for potential followers or businesses that you’d like to follow. You can and should begin adding Twitterers as soon as possible so that people will see you on the social site.

Managing Twitter from that point on should be something that you do daily, even if it’s a re-tweet, a “favorited” item or a post.


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