The Importance of Social Media Listening Tools

The Importance of Social Media Listening Tools

Social Media Tools

Social media tools are more than just cool, shiny objects; they help you listen to what’s going on in social media so you can respond appropriately. Businesses do better when they know what their customers are saying, where they can find potential customers, what customers like, don’t like and what they really want.

What are some social media tools that you use for your business?

There are an assortment of tools that you can use, with each one providing various features that may appeal to you. Social Media Today lists these 8 listening tools to use, Huffington Post talks about these 5 key tools that every business should have and KissMetrics gives this in-depth post on how and what makes social media monitoring such an integral part of any business.

While you may not (and probably should not) use EVERY one of these tools, it’s ideal to select only a few that would enhance your business appropriately. We know Twitter and Facebook to be workhorse social media platforms, which are great for interaction, but there are social media monitoring and listening tools that should be a part of every online and offline business’ strategy to further develop its brand.

I’ve personally used, and still use, Hootsuite and Google+ as major players in my own social media listening. I spend a fair amount of time reading, following links and seeing what and where the major players are and what they’re doing. I comment when necessary and appropriate and often take the opportunity to cull posts from what I’ve “listened” to and what everyone’s talking about.

Have you added a social media monitoring tool to your work arsenal? Which one(s) do you prefer or what have you found to work best for your business?

If you want to talk more about how social media monitoring is integral to your business, tweet me and I’ll answer any question you have, or you can email me at blogging [at] blogdash [dot] [com].

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    Social listening has become an integral part of business. Social listening drive you business and social listening tools helps you listen what people are saying about your business, brand and more. So make use of social media tools and make your social media campaign a successful one

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