The Royal Lineup: Top Five Social Networking Sites for Brand Building and Marketing

The Royal Lineup: Top Five Social Networking Sites for Brand Building and Marketing

Have you observed? For the past few years, social media has become a hub for brand building and marketing. Without spending too much money on publicity, you can promote your brand and encourage people to buy whatever you’re selling. And you know what’s more interesting? Anyone can use these sites regardless of what you’re trying to sell, may it be a fashion accessory, a tech device, various food or a self-published book. You can use social media however you want, whenever you want it and wherever you are.

But to be able to build a brand effectively and then market it to the right people, you have to know where you should stick your nose and work your magic. So, as a self-published author or a newbie entrepreneur, do you know where to go or what social networking sites to use? If you don’t have an inkling, then this royal lineup of social networking sites is just for you. Let’s start from the top.

Facebook, the King of Social Media

According to reports, if Facebook is a country, it can be the third largest country in the world. With 400 million users and counting, they might even think of conquering smaller nations (who knows, right?). An average user stays online for about an hour per day to check their friend’s status, upload a photo or like and explore a fan page.

So, do I need to say more? Nope, don’t think so. Just with these top two reasons, you will know why you have to be on Facebook. But be careful though, since you’re dealing with the king of social media sites, you have to act properly if you don’t want to waste your efforts. Just know how to market and build your brand on Facebook to avoid any problems and whatsoever.

Twitter, the Communicator

Shyness won’t work for Twitter. This micro-blogging site is meant to make you talkative, of sorts. Therefore, you should grab the chance to speak your mind and gain followers in the process. If you want to be visible, avoid being the wallflower in such an active platform.

Even if Twitter’s audience is somehow lower than Facebook, new research studies show that the site is more likely to entice people to engage with your brand and give you sales conversion. And as you were surrounded by active and “talkative” bunch of people, the possibilities of marketing are endless. So, you might want to start tweeting now to build your brand and then present it to the right types of people.

Pinterest, the Planner and Organizer

I have my wish list on my Pinterest board. What about you? Well, as people put it, you can organize everything you want on Pinterest. You can share and pin photos as well as short videos. From fashion look books, wish lists for special occasions and books to read – you can collect and organize them all in one board.

But the question is – are you using it to your own advantage? Based on various reports, Pinterest has 70 million users and they are still growing massively. That is why, if you’re not on Pinterest, then you’re missing a lot of opportunities to engage with your target audience, build your brand and advertize it for the entire world to see. But the good news is, it’s never too late to start creating your presence in the platform now. And again, for your efforts to earn a reward, you need to know what to do about your campaign. So you might want to check out some tips on how to make Pinterest work for you, especially if you’re an author.

LinkedIn, the Image Knight

Does LinkedIn really matter? Well, image is everything when it comes to building a brand and marketing it. That is why, you must set aside enough time to build your image and protect it in order to boost your brand. And you might have posted your bio on your website or on your other social media accounts, but it’s not enough. People will want to look at the professional side of you and there is no better way to establish your authority than your LinkedIn profile.

As they check out your work experience, samples and connections, they can somehow evaluate if they can trust you enough to buy whatever you’re trying to market. Therefore, as you finish reading this article, you might want to check your profile. If it needs a little editing, then you have to do it as soon as possible.

Google+, the Wise Adviser

If Facebook is the King of social networking sites, then Google is hailed as the King of the web (at least that’s what people are talking about). It’s the number one search engine worldwide; it’s where almost all people around the globe find the information that they need. And when we talk about Google, what comes to mind? Yes, SEO and all its complicated glory.

But not to worry, that’s the reason why Google+ has made it to this list of top social networking sites. Since it’s an “extension” of the search engine, it has the power to increase your web visibility and organic search results ranking. This will help your brand increase its presence throughout the corners of the internet. And if people can see it, then conversion sales might be on its way. All you have to do is include some relevant keywords and links to your regular posts, and your target audience will see your brand whenever they do their research on the web.

And that, my friends, concludes the royal lineup of social networking sites to build your brand and market it. These top five social networking sites will help you build your brand, make it visible to the right people and help give you sales. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating an active presence on these platforms now. And take note of all the essential advice that you’ve just learned.

Do you know other social networking sites that we can all use for brand building and marketing? Care to share it with us?


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