More and More Americans Get Their News From Social Media Websites Today

More and More Americans Get Their News From Social Media Websites Today

Social Media Websites Today

media websites are today’s phenomenon and likely to continue to be relevant for years and years. Social media has influenced people from all walks of life, anywhere in the world. In the United States, more and more Americans get news from several social media websites. Around one in four Americans use two or more social media websites to read on what is happening all over the world.


It’s easy to determine the most popular social media websites today. More and more people are hooked on these sites to interact, see the trends, see what is happening all over the world and connect with old friends among others. A Pew Research Center report stated that Americans are more likely to get news from these sites. Around a quarter of all adults in the United States, about 26 percent get new from a couple or more of these sites, higher from 15 percent in 2013 and 18 percent in 2016. However, there’ is considerable variation in the extent in which every site’s news users get news from other websites and which websites are those.


Among the free social networking sites, Facebook claims the biggest share of social media news consumers. Furthermore, its new users are more likely to solely rely on that website for news. Just under half or 45 percent of adult Americans use Facebook for news. Half of the news users of the site get news from it alone, with only one-in-five relying on three or more websites for news. In comparison, news users of Instagram, LinkedIN, WhatsAp and Snapchat are in particular likely to acquire news on several social networks. Half or more of their news users get news on three or more sites. Sites with a smaller number of news users in general tend to have the most overlap with other sites for news. Nevertheless, Reddit stands alone in having a small but more exclusive audience of users. Only 4 percent of adults in the United States get news from this website and among these users, just 38 percent use three or more social media sites for news.

Adults in the United States who get news from several social networking sites are likely to be younger and nonwhite. Around half or 47 percent of news consumers who rely on two or more sites for news are nonwhite, which include Hispanics, compared with around one-fourth or 26 percent of those who only use one website. They’re more likely under 50. 77 percent are between ages18-49 compared with 56 percent who use only one website for news. Additionally, they’re twice as likely to be between the ages 18-29.

It comes as no surprise that the biggest social network of America, Facebook is where plugged-in users are most likely to find news. According to the study of Pew, only 45 percent of Americans turn to FB for news and half get their news from Facebook only. Around 30 percent said they get their news from a couple of social networks. Twenty percent stated that they get news from three or more networks.


Social media’s power to expand the engagement of audience could also be seen via the way that it could serve as a platform for content to redirect viewers to branded news websites. Established journalist could also opt to use these networking sites because they could act as another way of distributing their content, which they have researched but unable to use in radio or TV. This way ensures that their research and hard work will not be wasted.


The ever-growing digital native news world boasts of around 5,000 digital news sector jobs. Most of the digital organizations put emphasis on the relevance of social media websites in engaging audiences and storytelling. Facebook is an integral source of website referrals for a lot of news outlets. However, users who arrive through FB spend much less time and consumer far lesser pages than those who directly arrive. The higher engagement level from direct visitors is evident whether a website’s traffic is driven by social sharing and search and it has huge implications for news organizations that are experimenting digital subscriptions while endeavoring to create a loyal audience.

Without doubt, social media websites networking have made a huge impact on people. News gathering and delivery has been affected by these networking websites in a big way. Not only Americans, but people all over the world and from all walks of life look to these websites to find out the latest news and to be updated on what is going on in the world.

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