Maximizing Social Media Blog Marketing

Maximizing Your Social Media Blog Marketing Connections

Marketing, positioning, targeting…all of those terms are critical in using social media marketing to maximize your marketing efforts. Although the concept of social media marketing is not a new one, if your efforts are strategized correctly, your blog can have a phenomenal effect in bringing in new business and getting your blog noticed.

Social media marketing has the ability to take any person or company and place it in front of hundreds and thousands of people and decision makers all at once in your niche audience. Here’s how it works:


Start by developing a foundation for your social media marketing strategy. With what people or companies do you want to connect and build a social relationship? Determine if your business philosophies match before you begin approaching or pitching to others in your industry. You don’t have to be exact in business structure, but there should be some similarities there in order for you to make the connection.


Design a method or system that will work well with the way you do business. There are several types of platforms that work well in situations where there will be an obvious advantage. For instance, are you an exceptional video blogger? Then that would be an effective angle to use when you approach a company about using video advertising in their blogs or to promote their services. Video marketing is a very effective tool in social media blogging and can significantly increase readership.


Target companies methodically that you want to work with and build connections. For instance, instead of making a one-time connection via a “Like” or a “Re-Tweet,” make a campaign decision to build a marketing plan around the company.

  • Make a social connection first by liking or retweeting their material.
  • Share their material on your own social media pages.
  • Ask a (genuine) question or a leave a comment on an existing article about the company’s products or services.
  • Follow-up with any discussions on their site that piqued your interest.
  • Find and connect with the company on their other available social media platforms.
  • Share your own (appropriate and relevant) blog material with the company.
  • Offer to be of assistance when needed, to help with blog writing, video publishing or any other marketing tasks.

The ultimate goal of any social media marketing campaign is to establish yourself as an influencer and a leader in your industry. You want to create a buzz and have people talking, looking, clicking links and asking questions about business and trending topics. Social media marketing and blogging effectively engages a person or a company and after a period of time, makes interaction with them more personal and effective.


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