Make Your Klout Count

Make Your Klout Count


There are several strong social media platforms available today that bloggers use to get noticed. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are probably amongst the top contenders that you’ll hear any blogger name when you ask him or her what she uses. But, there are certainly others on the list that are worth using, but you may not always hear a lot about. Clients look at different things when they’re considering which bloggers they want to use to bring brand awareness or to help build their product offerings. Klout scores and their metrics platform is one of them.

Why is a Klout score so significant?

Because businesses want to know how much influence you have with other bloggers, with consumers and within the social platform as a whole. Your Klout score tells them this and gives them an idea of just how effective you will be as a representative of their brand.

The Klout score ranges between 1-100 and the higher your number is, the higher your influence is perceived. That means a person with a score of 10 is significantly less influential overall than a person with a score of 75. The person with the higher score is probably:

– Blogging a lot and posting frequently.

– Interacting with other influencers within their circle.

– Posting informational articles and valuable information readers can use.

– Being a value to the blogging community by offering tips and advice readers can readily use.

How to  increase your Klout Score

If you want to increase your Klout score, get more blogging paid opportunities, and make yourself stand out to potential businesses, work on increasing your Klout score by doing some of these things. It can make a significant change on what opportunities are pitched to you and also how you’re perceived in the blogging community.

If you have other tips on how to increase the Klout Score, please share them in the comments box below.

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    Yes it doesn’t matter if you have 100,000 Twitter followers, who knows if you bought all those followers and they are all dummy accounts. Klout score won’t lie, a blogger that has 500 Twitter followers but has a Klout score of 75 means his audience is commenting on the blogger’s posts, sharing that post with their friends, Tweeting it etc…That is the definition of an engaged audience and that is what Klout score measures!

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