Latest Trends Happening In the Social Media World

Latest Trends Happening In the Social Media World

Trends In the Social Media World

Today, we live in a social media world. Without a doubt social media is ruin the world now and it is everywhere. It has influenced our lives considerably and it is very tough or people to live even a day without using any social media platform. People across the world are widely using different social media channels including Facebook, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. people spend much of their time in different social media sites and it is hard for people to find a person without having an account in any of the social media site. Social media has become a powerful medium and it influences every aspects of our life including, social, personal and professional.

Social Media WorldSocial media websites are a most admired and well liked websites on the Internet. They have totally altered the way people keep in touch and socialize on the Web. It allows people to connect with their friends, family, and other loved ones with ease and also from anywhere in the world.  Social media is changing every now and then. It has become very tough for the people keep up with the pace of social media changes. Today, people uses social media channels for promoting their business, earn a lot of clients, drive more traffic to their business website, retain their current clients, improve sales, enhance client engagement and many more.

Social media is used for different purposes including personal, entertainment and business. Social media has been prone to trends and it has changed a lot as per the trends that take place in the today’s technologically developed society. Here are some of the most notable latest trends happening in the social media world:



One of the Latest trends happening in the social media world is chatbots. Chatbots are a type of simulated intelligence that can a great deal influence a conversation with someone. Facebook had incorporated the chatbots within Facebook Messenger. A lot of people including businessmen are now using them to converse with their customers in a more advanced way. Chatbots are in fact assisting businesses to enhance customer service by swiftly reacting to their comments and questions. The chatbots can enhance communication, improve the speed of communication and lessen reply times to social messages that require an answer.

Live Video Content

Live Video ContentSocial media channels always tied to bring in new features in order to improve users experience. Live video content is a latest trend happening in the social media world now and it is promises to bring a lot of changes in social media. Live video content will become even bigger in the coming years because it lets people to keep their followers engaged with your brand by presenting an event they or else may not be able to be present at directly. Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram and Twitter have already launched their versions of live video streaming. Live video content has the ability to drive engagement since hosts can request comments, questions, and feedback from the audience.

Social messaging

Social messagingSocial messaging is one of the most notable latest trends happening in the social media world right now. Social messaging has the ability to reach to a lot of people and world’s most famous brands have already started to depend on messaging apps more than ever. Messaging apps including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat stand as great substitutes to traditional text messaging. Messaging apps have a much widespread set of users than social networks. In fact, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber and WeChat together have more users these days. Hence, social massaging is all expected to be famous and most widely used medium for different purposes including personal and business in the coming years.

Other Notable Latest Trends

  • The Fight against Fake News: Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms are taking steps to limit fake news appearing on the site.
  • Facial Lenses: Facebook have tested facial lenses for its mobile interface last year. With the start of Instagram Stories, look forward to the popular social media comes up with facial lenses.
  • Paid content continues to control the social world even today.
  • Social media networks now give importance for business features and analytics. Instagram started its Business Tools feature recently the same as Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights.
  • Social Shopping & Instant Purchases. Social commerce is gaining more popularity. More networks are offering brands with easier means to sell their services and products to customers.
  • Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR): Virtual reality and augmented reality will find ever more marketing experiences.
  • Social marketing and social advertising: Social marketing and social advertising will grow more competitive in coming days.
  • Ephemeral content: It denotes the kind of content that survives for a very short period of time generally for some moments or up to 24 hours.


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