How To Write A Profile That Ensures More Outreach Success On Linkedin

How To Write A Profile That Ensures More Outreach Success On Linkedin

Good Linkedin Profile

LinkedIn has become a popular social media platform, especially for professionals. It is viewed as a credible site for professional content by 71% of professionals. When compared to other social networks, it has been viewed as the most professional network, which enables users to showcase their expertise as well as build their own brand. It goes further to help professionals create connections with other companies for employment or partnership purposes. Thus, LinkedIn has utility for individuals as well as businesses. The key to being successful in professional outreach is writing an optimized LinkedIn profile.

This article will consider how you can write a LinkedIn profile that has massive outreach success.

Profile Photo

Good Linkedin ProfileAdd your real photo to your profile to increase profile views

No profile is complete without your real photo. It is the first thing that anyone would want to see on a personal profile. Also, people are more inclined to look at profiles that have photos. Research shows that people are 36 times more likely to send you a message if you have a profile photo. Therefore, at the very minimum, always have a profile photo.

When uploading a photo, ensure that your profile photo adheres to professional standards. This is to say that it should not be of casual or inappropriate nature. Also, have an open mind when selecting the best photo for your profile. Take into consideration aspects of your career. For example, if you are an automotive engineer, you can upload a profile photo working on a car. Such a photo is appealing.


The Tagline

Good Linkedin ProfileAn attractive tagline yields more views

The second aspect of your LinkedIn profile that should be optimized is the tagline (headline). LinkedIn provides you with a limit of 120 characters. Thus, you ought to utilize it well. At best, it should be rich in keywords that reflect your professional background and interests. For example, if you are a marketer, you could employ the following keywords:

  • Market analysis
  • Promotions
  • Content marketing
  • Promotions management

Your headline should also be catchy and should hook a viewer at the first instance. Use your creativity too to attract attention but maintain it within the bounds of professionalism.

While writing your tagline, ensure that you master the art of writing a good value proposition. For example, if you have a Public Management Degree, your value proposition could be: ‘Public Management Expert’ or ‘Public Management Consultant’ however, this only works when you have the experience to show for the mentioned expertise.

There are about 39 million students and fresh graduates on LinkedIn who have little or no experience. You can write phrases such as, ‘Aspiring Public Manager’ etc. to make an impact.


Good Linkedin ProfileAdd a suitable location to your profile

It is essential to write the location in which you desire to be employed. It makes your profile appear on searches made by prospective employers that are in that area. 

Work Experience

Good Linkedin ProfileRelate your work experiences and achievements

Your work experience is proof of your professional expertise. Thus, it is in the sphere of interest of many people who search for professionals on LinkedIn. Therefore, make a point of adding all relevant experience that you have. List all the companies that you’ve worked for and the various positions held. Add the different responsibilities that you held, the achievements realized and your path to growth.


Good Linkedin ProfileShow that you embrace continuous learning

Most HR managers are keen on selecting an individual that demonstrates openness to education and ongoing skill development. One can show this by proving they attended workshops and seminars to build their professional capacity. It can also be shown by demonstrating that you advanced your education through various courses. For you to have outreach success with your LinkedIn profile, it is essential that you add these certificates. LinkedIn allows you to attach photos of these certificates.

Get Some Endorsements and Recommendations

Good Linkedin ProfileEndorsements and recommendations get you ahead of others

Your LinkedIn connections can help you be successful in outreach by endorsing your skills. Any viewer may get impressed by a high number of endorsements. It shows that you are credible and are competent in your skills. To get more endorsements, simply ask your connections to endorse you. You can also endorse others, and you will get endorsed in return.

Recommendations, on the other hand, are a powerful tool. In fact, they are better than your work experience, endorsements, and connections. They increase the visibility of your profile, and also they increase your credibility and trustworthiness on the network. A strong profile will hence have a recommendation. The best people to give a recommendation are your workmates, former workmates, your current boss or your ex-boss.

Be Active on the Network

Good Linkedin ProfileBeing active in the network increases your visibility and credibility

For you to have outreach success in LinkedIn, you need to be active on the site, it’s not enough to just create a profile. You need to attract people through various avenues for you to lead them to your profile. Here are some great ways in which you can be an active contributor:

  • Contribute content. Your connections will see these content and may get you promoted.
  • Add business presentations on slide share. The slides will be availed on popular search engines.
  • Write posts relating to your field of expertise or interests. This will build you an audience and give you a following. It will also show that you are proficient in research and analysis. Use essay writing services if you need assistance.


LinkedIn can be a great asset to your professional life. All it takes is a committed effort to optimize your profile regularly for outreach success. The tips highlighted above are sure to make you write a LinkedIn profile that has excellent outreach success. Apply all of them to have more considerable success with the LinkedIn professional network.


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