How To Increase User Engagement Using Instagram Story: 6 Legitimate Ways That Work.

How To Increase User Engagement Using Instagram Story: 6 Legitimate Ways That Work.

Increase User Engagement Using Instagram Story!

Do you wish you could swiftly increase user engagement using Instagram Story?
Do you desire for a magical ingredient you could shower on your Instagram Profile? A trusty potion you could sprinkle all over your page to increase user engagements? And transform your Instagram profile, into an engagement and lead generation machine?
I know these desires are real! But what if I told you such a ‘magic potion’ did exist?
In today’s post we’d take a look at how to increase user engagement using Instagram Story.
Instagram launched this amazing feature a year ago. And it has garnered massive follower-ship, and rave reviews. Lots of savvy businesses have tested it on their brands. And what’s their verdict on this? They can’t get enough of it! Woof!
You, like them, can also tap into the appeal of Instagram Stories. In this post. We’ll show you how you can take a bite out of Instagram Stories’ juicy-appealing pie. Get increased one-on-one user engagements. And grow your business all at the same time!
And the sweetest part of it: it’s fun. And you are free – within reason – to experiment with whatever suits your business needs. Create a stream of juicy, or spicy 15-seconds videos. Show rarely seen sides to your business, that your users will adore you for.

Open Up To Your Followers

With IG Story, you can let your pants down – not literally. And give your viewers access to rarely seen aspects of your brand. Be vulnerable. You can play around with content and find out which one sticks. At the end of the day, which ever content you choose should tie into your brand image.
It’s still content marketing. But it’s content marketing with a different spin to it. You’re opening up to your viewers. Showing your vulnerability.
But despite its raw, in the moment feel. Take a second or two to edit and add some texts and images to your videos.
Then, present your 15-seconds videos in a way that converges with your goals. Mission, and purpose.

Do a Countdown

Do you have a new product you are working on? Do you want to increase awareness and create hype around your product launch?
Then do a countdown to the big-day! Create a series of fun videos showing different parts of your new product or service. Use this video series to build hype, and keep your viewers eyes peeled on your IG page. A countdown can help you create a slew of new followers. Who are eager to get their hands on your about-to-be-launched product or service!
Take your IG Story a step further by showing viewers snippets of your production process. Show users quick 5-10 seconds videos of the steps. And precautions you took in the making of your brand new product.
End the 15-sec video series with some fun insight. Then offer a quick giveaway to the first 1-10 followers who’d place an order for 1 or more of your product.

Take a Quick Poll

Are you caught between two equally great opinions? But are short on time to pursue the two?
Involve your viewers? Take advantage of the poll option on your IG Stories to run short polls. Ask your followers for their input. Involve them. Ask them to respond with a quick yes or no to your IG Story videos. Seize their feedback and create content around it. Don’t forget to show them your finished work.
While you’re at it, give a shout-out to the users who participated in the poll.

Offer Special Giveaways

Take advantage of the 24-hour lifespan of IG Stories. And offer valuable giveaways to your subscribers. Post a ‘Coupon’ on your IG Story. Direct viewers to a landing page where you’ll need them to take a specific action to redeem your “coupon”.
Now here’s the clincher! The winner of your giveaway should receive a unique gift. It could be a one-on-one 15-minute business consultation. Or a handcrafted gift from your brand. It could be anything. But make sure it’s something unique and valuable. Something they can’t get from any random Google search.
Otherwise your audience will learn to tune you out.

Time Your Posts Updates

Do you know when your followers are very active? What time of the day do your posts get high interactions? There’s no one-size fits all approach to posting at optimal times.
But if you don’t have an idea, the following tips can serve as pointers:
  • Stake out your competition.
  • Observe their post schedule. Provided you’re both targeting for a similar audience.
  • At what times during the day do they post to their feed?
  • You should observe your past posts.
  • What type of posts got more views, when?
The appeal of Instagram stories, unlike your other Instagram post, is its 24-hour life span.
So you should tailor your stories to follow a particular sequence. For instance you could: create a video of your team on a job. And precision you invest in product creation etc. Try to be consistent in the times you post.
Get creative. With 250M+ active daily users, that should be enough to get your brain working overtime.
There’s no right or wrong IG Story. Experiment with the feature and you’ll soon get a hang of it.
Your Instagram Story should merge with your other Social Media marketing game plan. It should connect with your objectives of either: increasing awareness of your product. Increasing your followers, or generating more leads. Watch your game-plan, follow industry trends and tweak it when need be.

Don’t be afraid to buck the trend

Increasing user engagement using Instagram Story goes beyond opening up to your viewers. It’s also about getting personal. Listening to them. And relating with them on a deeper level. Follow this up by creating content that meets their needs.
So have fun with these tips. Try out a few ideas. Feel free to mix and match it up and see which idea sticks.
Did you find our Instagram Stories engagement strategies helpful?
I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to share the post user engagement using Instagram Story on Twitter and Facebook by using the super-easy share buttons below.

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