How to Improve Your Facebook Presence

How to Improve Your Facebook Presence

Today’s, this post is dedicated to the social network (Facebook Presence) that is the most in people’s mouths, due to these latest data that indicate that young people are escaping Facebook because there are more and more adults and there is also talk of a 6% drop in visitors to this medium.

The companies in this social network have a space for them, the fan pages that help us to know relevant data of the brand itself, such as statistics, allow us to program publications to manage content with the least possible time consumption, and above all, They help us build community through sponsored ads, among other things. But all these types of services are not decisive when it comes to generating community, we must take into account a series of tips to create a community around our brand.

Take care of the tone

Users increasingly reject the image of a brand as a superior and inaccessible entity and that must be taken care of. A close and flat tone helps us to get closer to our audience and make them feel part of the brand, this way it will be easier for them to share our content since they make it their own.

Publication frequency

The frequency of publication on Facebook that, my own experience, best suits this social network is 2 to 4 daily publications, and the hours, depending on the sector, are usually 11:00 am. and 16:00 pm.

It is very important to always keep your presence active on Facebook. You can’t be a big brand on Facebook without a regular Facebook presence.

Types of publications

Facebook differs from the rest of social networks in the fact that its users are more open to chat, not just to read the post. The contents that work best in this social network are always those that bring an openness to the conversation, those that incite it.

Furthermore, if we add visual content such as an image or a video, our content has a greater probability of being shared and commented on by our users.

Reply to all comments

As it could not be less we can not open a conversation and when users start to debate forget about our content, we must respond, as far as possible, to all the comments and, if appropriate, include another question that revives the debate and why continue the conversation.


An element that users really like the contest, which helps attract new fans to our page. This type of fans can be, for the most part, users who only search for contests and then do not generate any type of activity or interest in the brand, there is at your discretion what type of users you want on your fan page, inactive users and users who are hooked on our brand.

Nowadays people search more about technology on Facebook, If you want to be successful on Facebook, then you have to post contests about trendy topics. Just like on Google, keywords with low competition can get ranking easily, same like on Facebook.

You can know the opinion of people by the survey, contests on Facebook, and you can also increase the popularity of your page. Keep this in mind when posting a survey or contests, Surveys topics should be meaningful such as “How Cybersecurity Affects SEO?“, “How Social Media Helps in SEO?“, “What Does Refurbished Mean?“, etc. Such topics will not only increase your page views but also increase your page engagement.


Building a community around a brand is a process that requires effort and daily work but will be rewarded when you have a community around you that supports you and interacts with your brand, as you will see an incredible increase in your visitors to the web and consequently growth of your objectives, be they sales or conversions of any kind.

How many times do you post on Facebook a day? Do you generate conversation? Do not hesitate to share with us your concerns and your experiences to get to know yourselves a little better.

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