How to create a YouTube channel for a brand or business?

How to create a YouTube channel for a brand or business?

How can you search for unique names for your channel or your brand or business? But, today I will show you how to create many YouTube channels using an email. Or how to create a YouTube channel for brand or business?

You can create unlimited YouTube channels with Google ID / G-mail and I am going to show you two different ways to do this in a very simple way.

Now the question is why do you need many YouTube channels?

So, here is the answer. You may need a YouTube channel for several reasons. Just like you can do it for your business, it can be for your personal use, so you can separate your personal and your business or if you create separate websites then each website will have its own YouTube channel.

Also, you can do this for niches. So, if you have found specific below that you want to do and you do not want to merge your videos, I would suggest you set up another account or another YouTube channel.

How to create a YouTube channel

Steps: There are two ways to create multiple YouTube channels, the first is – Login to YouTube with your Gmail ID, click on the “Avatar icon” at the top-right corner, then click on the “YouTube Settings” icon.

There is another way – using Google Plus Page or Business Page. Now the Google Plus page is different from your Google Plus account, such as having a Facebook account and then a Facebook fan page, and when you have a fan page with a Google Plus page it comes with a YouTube channel.

Step: Okay! What would you like to do now? Sign in to Google and you go to OK, you create your Google+ page or business page. You just put in your pages or whatever you are trying to do, you put in a website or whatever it is just a domain that you fill all the necessary information about our business and then ” Press the “Continue” button.

Now go to and go to “View All My Channels” – you will see the name of your business page. Because every business page and google plus page comes with a YouTube channel.Now, your new brand channel is ready to upload your videos. let’s enjoy..!

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