How Social Media Helps in SEO

How Social Media Helps in SEO

How Social Media Helps in SEO

It is one of the most discussed and talked topic and will be, How Social Media Helps in SEO. It is really a genuine question i.e. whether SEO gets any help from the social media?

The answer is obviously, YES.

Although, it is the bitter truth that the Social Media does not help SEO the way people think it does or it should.

The answer gets supported by lots of data and evidence from Google and its employees.

Ranking Parameter: Social Media

It is really difficult and tedious task to understand the Google algorithm unless some employee engaged in the algorithm making at Google comes to rescue and disclose it. In Reality, no Google employee comes to rescue. So we’re left with no other option but to rely on the case studies or data. Though Google keeps on telling that the social signals or media does not have to do anything with the ranking.

It has been a confirmation from Google that the links which are shared on social media e.g. Twitter and Facebook are repeatedly visited and therefore, used as a ranking signal.

Google has secretly guarded algorithm for the purpose of ranking. Any comment coming out of the discussions have to be taken as official word — although the social media is said to be having no direct ranking.

Mere disclosure by Google that social media does not have any linkage with ranking, is not sufficient. Whereas, it is suggested and advocated that the correlation between social media or signals with the ranking is quite high. The number of social media or signals landing page has been consistent for years together. The top ranking sites on Google have been relying on Social Signals. It can primarily be owing to the duplication of the brand websites on Google as well as social media.

I can be appreciated the answer to the same is mentioned in the quote itself in the second word i.e. correlation.

It can be attributed that the links make a lot of difference in Google Ranking. Google does not count the social media shares individual likes. But somehow there is some correlation at least.

Quality content gets popularity and appreciated on social media as well. People like your link on the social media itself which eventually does not give any rise to your ranking. Therefore, the higher social media likes do not ensure any effect on ranking on Google.

How Social Media Helps in SEO?

It is evident that the social media isn’t directly related or contribute to Google ranking factor, but it actually helps in SEO and there is no doubt about it. Let’s discuss some of the points.

  1. Probability and Potential for Links

The popularity of the Social Media you have also helped in displaying the content and link to your circle.

We used to consider Facebook shares as a nice ranking tool. But it was just a belief and it had never been so.

It might be the choice of the author that he found something on Social Media and then decide to link the same. No matter what Social Media site it is namely Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook. It all depends on the Social Media; most of the time one will not get the links.

  1. Emphasis Building an Audience

No matter what product or service you have been marketing. In case people are not aware of your product it does not sell. There has to be an emphasis on building an audience. The thumb rule is also applicable to Social Media. One needs to be proactive and try to build the audience.

The Social Media, the worldwide reach, ease of sharing make the social media a very reliable partner to display your web presence and building the audience.

We can consider the following example for better understanding- In case I need to Google the “Running Shoes“, we will always be more likely to click the brands like Nike, Adidas etc. in place of some other unknown brand. It is so that we tend to trust the company that we know.

The trust of more consumers comes to the popular and bigger brands. The social media helps in building the brand image and get connected to the people or prospective buyers.

  1. Customized and Branded Searches

While searching something on Google add the brand name or keyword or phrase.

On analyzing the data may be some fashion websites, the site, namely Fashion Nova, came up with 90,000 keywords in just a year. The rate at which it bounces is lower than other sites.

In case the consumer interacts with you in a positive way. One can understand and imagine how Google provides a ranking.

  1. Assists and Helps Promotion

Other than Facebook and Twitter there is YouTube and it plays a crucial role which cannot be neglected. YouTube is supposed to be the 2nd most searched search engines. Although, it has been seen that most of the YouTube videos are not intended to profit or for commercial purposes. On the contrast, the Google lists all without bifurcating the results.

You can also look forward to positively influence your SEO performance. You can compose and shot the videos for the purpose of promoting your content or brand, which eventually might get the links and the videos can potentially rank in an organic way in the SERPs. Sometimes, it may so happen that the YouTube Videos does not provide and contribute to the SEO. You can always quote the examples, use the other social media websites, so as to promote the content to the audience and helps in acquiring high-quality backlinks.

In order to have fruitful results through social media or channels kindly check the followings.

  • Your target audience or prospective customers must be on social media.
  • Your target audience or prospective customers must follow your content.
  • Generally, the people who use social media are the ones who do not think much about work. They keep on thinking and pursuing their interests and hobbies. In order to be successful, you need to exercise different approach (creating humorous content or something outside of your service offering is a good idea); it might offer you the better engagement opportunity.



Now the question arises that whether the Google ever add or include more social media signals in order to work on the ranking algorithm? Not really possible.

No one knows what the future holds, it is evident that the social media can, help or assist in SEO. Social Media provides numerous long-term offers and benefits.

In case the conclusion comes to that the ranking does not get affected by social media. Still, it is one of the best channels to promote the content and is available on the internet.

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