How Social Media Can Convert a Visitor Into a Customer

How Social Media Can Convert a Visitor Into a Customer

Consumers on social media platforms are no longer what they used to be. They now possess a greater power to purchase things than before.

Also, consider this:

About 3 billion people use social media in one way or the other 97% of marketers use social media to connect with their audiences.

That’s the reality and the sooner business owners understand the role of social media in business expansion, the better it would be for them.

Current social media stats note that Facebook and the “pictorial” Instagram are now great platforms for consumers seeking to find and purchase things online. You would be glad to know that many people have gravitated towards the idea of online marketing. This, we bet, is wonderful news to emerging businesses and brand owners.

This does not indicate that all is now a bed of roses for marketers.

Numerous brands this year have had the problem of configuring their online presence to as per their business plans and goals. There are many businesses having a lot of followers on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Yet all they have are fans who regularly ‘Like’ the content and are not compelled to transition from a visitor to a customer.

If generating good ROI and more online customers are your problems, you should reconsider your online marketing strategies.

Read this article to find out how to jumpstart your social media conversion rates.

Landing Pages Should Be Suited to Mobile devices

Landing Pages Should Be Suited to Mobile devices


Globally mobile eCommerce is on the rise and is a real deal. This necessitates your business to appeal to customers in the best way possible and it extends to the potential customers that visit your social media page.

Take the ease of navigation provided by Instagram for example. You move seamlessly from one point to another. Your pages’ landings ought to follow suit. Ease of navigation with little or no interruption is the way to go and catch those visitors.

When the visitors finally tap on a link or button that takes them to the landing pages of your website, you don’t want them to be turned off by what they get to see (and what they miss out because your landing page isn’t mobile-friendly).

For this, firstly, all your landing pages need to be visible to potential customers. So, for whatever you want to promote on any media handle, a landing page that adapts to mobile devices is the best. This appeals better to them and also helps you evaluate their behaviors better.

Using Videos for Promotions Grabs More Attention

It’s that simple! The more videos used, the more attention you can grab. A video well crafted can win over a customer. You should not take this for granted.

Videos are more engaging than text and are therefore viewed by an increasing number of people every day.

Using Videos for Promotions Grabs More Attention


The numbers say it all.

In fact, according to the latest benchmark report from Demand Metric, 82% of B2B marketers have been successful with video marketing initiatives.

Also, people are over 27 times more likely to click on an online video ad as compared to a static banner ad.

Videos get 1,200% more shares than text+images which means more inbound links get generated easily. This, in turn, makes videos rank easily on Google’s first search results page.

And why is that?

Well, the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Simple!

So does this mean that you should spend a fortune on churning videos around your business and products?

The answer is no.

All you need is something catchy, good in terms of quality, meaningful for the target audience and solution-oriented.

It can be in the form of short ads or artistic displays; all that matters is its integration into your online presence.

Check out how Baked NYC uses videos of its goodies on its Facebook Page. You can’t help falling for all the scrumptiousness!

Add Methods to Make People Act

Promoting your online presence can mean making adjustments to some of your content and profiles. It is okay to ask your followers and visitors to peruse recent promotional content but you just have to be skillful about asking. This is to say that you should not expect to yell at and command people into buying your stuff. However, you should try to skillfully encourage buyers to purchase with calls to action that are designed and placed strategically.

Netflix uses a CTA for its Twitter handle itself!

Add Methods to Make People Act


Here are a few more examples of excellent CTAs that buyers can’t avoid clicking.

Test out What You Post

Just like large marketing firms do, you must analyze your content. Are they good enough for what you aim to achieve? Are they good enough to get good ratings, traffic, and likes? Understanding the science of “numbers” is very essential in putting out the best to bring in those customers.

Do you want to hear the whole truth?

Your brand will not get it perfectly at a go. Doing the best to up your online traffic involves considering and reconsidering. It is important to always analyze your posts through tests. They let you know if your growing campaigns are on the right track. You have to be ready to know the truth, even if it means scrapping a ton of work already done.

Instagram and Facebook campaigns paid for allowing these tests. They automatically let these ads get split tested. This way you can run two types of promotions at the same time. You get to choose a winning variant from how well it engages people.

Let Your Brand Never Relent

This tip is as important as the others. Your brand should lead people to who you are and what your business is about. Your brand is your image, plastered on your business. Little things of excellence and quality must be identified with what your brand is.

So many leads make up your brand. Your brand should be consistent in terms of color, voice, image, and so on.

Customers don’t need you “switching off and on” on them. Little leads to excellence and quality should be associated with what you do. You should ensure your content is perfect before posting anything. This can change the life of your business forever. This is especially true for startups since the importance of leads in small business ventures from online media cannot be denied.

Let Consumers Speak for Your Brand

What customers say about your brand is important. They authenticate the story you sing and shout so that others have faith in your product. Thus, it is okay to let customers generate posts about your sales to potential buyers. This is a good online strategy to boost your ratings. So, start with giving the customers you have now nothing but the best.

Open Your Ears to Top Sale Trends

No customers’ wants, ratings or market remains the same. You must evolve and experiment alongside customer trends. Your ears should be large to topics and discussions on sales, feedback, and what customers need. These things heard can be very valuable for influential market strategies.

In Conclusion…

You should track your online ratings in order to assess how well you are doing. Reports and analysis help place your goals by campaigns done so you can assess performance rates. You can do this by observing your online traffic on “Analytics” for Google.

To learn more about the latest trends in this arena, you can also visit forums where business questions and answers are discussed to get an idea of how to plan your social media strategies.

You don’t make great online sales by wishful thinking. Your brand needs a vibrant social campaign to draw in customers. We hope the tips from the article have been beneficial to enable you to get your ratings up. So try putting your social media handles to better use. You would be thankful you did.


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