How to Filter Tweets with the Use of Social Analytics?

How to Filter Tweets with the Use of Social Analytics?

First came the voice call, then came email (with the widespread use of the medium in workplace as well as homes), then came the web chats and the latest trend is social media customer support. Social media has become a beacon of life for the professionals who otherwise lead a mundane life. Statistics suggests that every person logs into a social network at least once every day. Though Facebook is the present king of social media, but Twitter is not far behind. Many have taken a liking for this micro blogging platform. Well, that is a relief because earlier people had to write an elaborate blog to convey their emotions or voice their opinion about any issue. The character restrictions in Twitter make writing all the more simple. The use of Twitter was always high among the celebrities and businessmen, now they are used by normal people too.

Twitter also opens up new opportunities for the brands. They can use this social network to get closer to the customers. There is a tendency among the modern customers, they want their brands to be omni-present and ready to help them. If they do not find the brand, they form a negative impression. So, it is a must for every brand to have their presence in Twitter. Though social media monitoring is always taken care of by the call centers that the brand employs, yet filtering the messages is not an easy task. Reputed brands receive many thousands of messages on their Twitter accounts every day, so filtering the ones that need attention can be a tough task. In this post certain strategies for filtering posts using social analytics will be discussed.

See all Tweets

With the help of social analytics you can see every Tweet that is relevant for your brand. You can view the Tweets that mention your company or any product. In general terms, any tweet with remotest reference to your brand will be visible to you. Even when there are no systematic mentions, the social analytics can bring out the tweets. So, you are able to witness lot more tweets than you would in normal terms.

Understanding the Relevancy

No contact center can give equal stress to many thousands of messages that are posted on Twitter. The actionable posts have to be separated from the rest of the lot. The social analytics tools do this job to perfection. It presents the relevant posts from the thousands of others. As you go through the tweets and take actions in their respect, the social analytics tool will further learn the relevant and actionable tweets. So, the tool becomes perfect with usage. There is a huge quantity of spam posts made on Twitter. Social analytics tool can save the call centers time by showing only the relevant posts.

Categorizing Tweets

With social analytics, brands can further categorize the posts in respect of their topics. If you want to see Tweets that are made regarding the quality of your service then the analytics tool will show them. Further if you want to learn about how many people said good or poor about your service that can be learned as well. Categorization helps brands learn the mind of their customers quickly.

Understanding the Intentions

Often the brands fail in providing good customer service, because they fail to recognize the intention of the customer. With the social analytics tool the intentions of customers can be perfectly understood. You can quickly learn how many people are looking for advice, website use instructions, have a question about products, want to complain, etc. This helps the brands quickly address the situation and give more value to Twitter customer service.

Retain More Customers

By overcoming the blind spots and understanding the customers’ minds perfectly, the brands can service them better. Better services will help customers continue doing business with the brand. In the modern business scenario it is many times more expensive to earn new customers than retaining the existing ones. In spite of this cost factor most of the brands are investing heavily in customer acquisition rather than retention. With social analytics you can retain existing customers by serving them better.

As you can understand social analytics is an essential tool for the Twitter customer service. The insight it provides helps the brands in more ways than one.

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