Why is Facebook Addictive and Powerful

Why is Facebook Addictive and Powerful

Facebook Addictive

There are millions of people in the world who like to use Facebook. They love to remain in contact with their friends and family. They have a keen interest in showing the events of an heir life along with playing online games on Facebook. It is an interesting way for interacting with others. But have you given a single thought, whether you want to leave Facebook or not? Even after hours of using it, people are not able to log off on Facebook. They are addicted to this social media. The addiction to social media has gone to next level. In comparison to other social media channels, the most Addictive and Powerful Social Media is Facebook.

Years ago, social media did not exist at all. But as the technology is advancing, social media came into highlights. Now, it has become the most powerful tool to express your thoughts. Even the celebrities do not escape from this charm. In the early days of Social media, only Hi5 and Myspace were there. But with the entry of Facebook in the market, it was very quick in making his place. Its popularity and features persuade the people to shift here. They all created their account on Facebook. People see this as a wonderful opportunity to stay connected with friends especially, the younger crowd. They consider it as an easy way to create their own world and stay away from the real world.

What makes Facebook best from its competitors?

From starting, Facebook always try to provide something new to the world. It continuously adds new features for improving it. It is trying to provide something which its competitors are not offering. This social media website is continuously putting its efforts in improving its features.

The access to social media website has become more easier with the use of smartphones. They have given access to each and every individual to use internet services as per their wish. The ease of using internet anytime has also given them access to use Facebook whenever they want to. It has made the Facebook stronger by increasing the number of users. The number of users of Facebook always reaches to new height after every month.

Facebook: An addiction

 Now, what do you think what you do on your account of Facebook? Whenever something is feeling low in their life, they just express it via a post on Facebook. Not this only, in case of happiness, they also share it instantly via Facebook. Users are eager to share their happiness with others. They like to catch the attention of their friends and family members. The users love to keep sharing their pictures on Facebook so that they can receive attention from others. They also love to share their pictures so that other can know what is happening in their life. The attention of loved ones on Facebook acts like energy booster for them which refuels them.

So, Facebook is just acting like an addictive substance. Users want it everywhere with them. They are going crazy for sharing each and every update of their life on Facebook. The addiction of staying connected with all of the friends is the top priority for them. This thought of connectivity with friends is dominating their life. Facebook is the largest contributor in supporting this one.

Minimum efforts to catching up with friends

The users need not to put large efforts in staying connected with friends. They just have to post something and have comments on that. The users have also the option of liking and loving that post. They take this opportunity to keep their relations healthy with their friends.

Desire for information

Facebook has given easy access to some portals like science, weather, events, music, games, work and much more. So, who so ever have interest in particular category can go to that one. The need of acquiring information and curiosity has led to addiction to Facebook. All the companies remain active on Facebook. They update the information on their account. Users like to stay updated.

Like to share

Facebook users love to share their happenings of life online. Sometimes they are so addicted in posting their pictures, they daily post pictures of them when it is their daily routine.

Like to know about others

Humans are social animals and they love to know about other’s life. They keep checking on other tabs for happenings and mis happenings of their life. Curiosity lead to keep digging into other’s profile and make us a part of addiction.

Self Expression

It’s the best way for expressing your thoughts on some particular genre. It is followed by comments and feedbacks. But don’t make it confuse with egotistical narcissists. Its simple, people tend to share their thoughts and want to see how many agree with the thought. But it is really seductive and take the people in the circle of addiction.

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