Blogging Clients and What They Really Want

Blogging Clients and What They Really Want

Blogging Clients

Clients look at different things when they’re considering what bloggers to hire for their campaigns. They look at experience, of course. They want to know how long a blogger has been at his or her craft because it gives them an idea of their experience, exposure, etc.

Another thing that clients may look at is a blogger’s social extension, meaning, how much social networking does the blogger do on a regular basis. Are they on Facebook a lot? Do they tweet out to their sphere of influence on a consistent basis?

Other considerations are the blogger’s style and voice. Does the blogger’s voice match up with the client’s brand and overall mission? It’s considered a great match when clients find a blogger who can convey what they want to say and portray to their buying audience.

However, all of these considerations aren’t hard and fast rules for any blogger to have to follow. So as a blogger, there’s no need to feel any pressure to run out to and join all of the latest or most popular social platforms or to curtail your “voice” to try and match with potential clients. Just be yourself.

That’s the best and most practical advice you’ll get as a blogger, and it’s the most closest to the truth. There are a lot of outreach programs that will tell you to really sell yourself if you want to get hired, but that’s not fair, especially if you’re selling something that you can’t deliver. It’s more important for you to blog in your own style, to be clear, passionate and knowledgeable about your topic. This is what catches the client’s attention and gets those pitches coming your way.

What do you think about catching the client’s eye? Should you do or say things that you can deliver but don’t necessarily reflect who you are as a blogger? Is that fair to the client or is it more important to stay business-minded and simply deliver what the client requests? Share your thoughts with me because I want to really know what you think about this topic.

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