7 Motives to Exploit the Social Media Environment for Website Promotion Purposes

7 Motives to Exploit the Social Media Environment for Website Promotion Purposes

In the present days, businessmen and more types of marketers are using the online environment in order to accomplish better marketing results. Due to the fact that most of the transactions are easier to perform online, individuals have started taking advantage of business and personal websites in order to succeed with their businesses.

Each website is different; there are many elements that can help an individual differentiate his website from the competition, but the most important one is the purpose and role of his platform. Some blogs and websites focus on spreading viral news, important information, and important updates.

Others may be focused on selling products and services, while others strive to improve the awareness of the brand. These are just a few of the reasons to start a website, but there are much more websites’ roles out there.

Because we’re currently witnessing a digital era boom, we as marketers and/or entrepreneurs, should stay sharp and make good decisions as frequently as possible. In our case, the decisions we mostly have to make are highly related to our website promotion strategies.

In order to reach our business targets, we have to be where our target audience is. We must figure out where they spend their time, find out their problems, and come up with good solutions. A bit complicated, but far away from impossible!

During this article, we’ll examine few of the modern website promotion strategies. We’ll mostly focus on the social media promotion and benefits and go through the reasons for which almost any marketer and webmaster should offer social media promotion the necessary attention. If you pay attention, you’ll also discover a few insightful tips and tricks along the way.

·         CPC Advertising (Search Engines, Paid Advertising)

CPC advertising is a popular form of paid advertising which revolves around the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Basically, you’re creating an “agreement” with a search engine; you’re bidding for a specific key phrase that interests you the most, and wait for people to look for that keyword phrase.

Then, according to your pre-established options, the search engine will feature your website on the resulted page. Your brand’s name will either appear at the top of the results, on the right side of the page, or in the footer.

·         Search Engine Optimization (Organic Traffic)

Search engine optimization often referred as SEO, is the act of optimizing a website’s feature up until it reaches the first positions of a certain search engine. So if you have a “red shoes in New York” business, you can optimize your website and expect Google or Yahoo to rank it on the first page.

If it happens, your website will be flooded with targeted traffic. The people that arrive are usually into the topic or they have already made up their minds on what to do or buy.

·         Media Buying (Paid Advertising)

Media buying promotion is quite simple. In a few words, you’re buying a blog’s or website’s free website space in order to fill it with your advertisements. So for example, if you’re selling dog food, you can approach a dogs’ blog owner and propose your terms.

This website promotion strategy can often lead you to goldmines that can be truly exploited!

·         Social Media (Free & Paid Advertising)

The last but the most important mentioned website promotion strategy is social media. This form of advertising can be either free or paid. Social media networks are rapidly increasing their numbers. That’s only because the benefits that they provide to the normal marketplace and to the business environment are pretty huge.

1.      Professional Networking Opportunities

The moment you develop your social media presence, the moment you’ll be able to connect with like-minded business individuals and develop productive long-term relationships with other companies that could prove to be relevant for your website’s future.

LinkedIn, for example, is the best social platform that’s used by most of the today’s professionals. Facebook and Twitter are also good choices.

2.      Social Media can Skyrocket your Brand’s Awareness

Brand awareness is truly essential for your company’s long-term success. If your name is widely known and recognized, you’ll gain amazing benefits. Besides the number of people that will be constantly checking your website, your business credibility is also influenced.

When customers will find themselves between two product or services choices, they’ll instantly select the one that is more familiar to them.

3.      Quality Traffic and More Potential Subscribers

Social media is recognized for its benefit of attracting targeted traffic. If your social media campaigns are properly developed, you’ll spend way less than you earn. If you are smart enough, you’ll use e-mail marketing strategies in order to capture the information of your unique visitors.

If your website and e-mail list underline your offers and messages, social media is the vehicle that helps the individual arrive at the destination.

4.      Improved Revenues

With more traffic and subscribers, it’s obvious that your business’ revenues will be more substantial. Let’s be honest; after all, whenever we focus our time and money on website promotion, our main focus is to come up with a positive ROI (return of investment).

Because you’re also a “part of the community”, engaging and sharing relevant information with your followers, they’ll be more inclined to trust you. When trust exists between a customer and a business, things can only go well.

5.      Long-term and Loyal Customers

Because social media is one of the best places to effectively communicate with your potential customers, some of the audience that you’ll engage with may become loyal and consistent buyers of your products and services.

When people see that you’re interested in their well-being and you’re interested in communicating with them, they’ll be much more receptive to your proposals.

6.      Decent Budget Requirements

Social media promotion is all about creating the necessary brand awareness of your business, and also putting your content in front of your target audience’s eyes. You need exceptional content in order to be effective. If you’re a good writer, good for you, you’ll be extremely advantaged.

7.      Social Media Automation is Possible

When you start off, a lot of time and effort will be required in order to develop a professional social media presence. The marketing campaigns that you’ll perform will often fail, so you have to go back, test it again, and optimize accordingly. As time passes, the actions that you’ll have to perform will be lesser and lesser.

You can find plenty of social media automation tools and software around the web. These will take care of the time-consuming tasks like posting new content, analytics, and much more.



Social media is one of the biggest trends nowadays. Marketers from all over the place are rushing to make the most out of it right now, and many of them are succeeding. If until now social media promotion wasn’t present in your priorities list, you’d better make sure that you correct this mistake.

Your website and business could potentially flourish and thrive as a result of a successful social media marketing campaign. Focus your efforts on where the marketplace is at, and always make sure that you’re testing and optimizing everything in order to stay on track.


About Author: Jessica Freeman is a professional journalist and a devoted freelance content writer from Australia. She enjoys writing about BlogDash Collaboratoreducation, business, online marketing, and academic innovations. Jessica often contributes her content writing pieces to AustralianWritings company. You can follow her on Facebook.

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