6 Ways To Increase Your Social Media Traffic and Conversions

6 Ways To Increase Your Social Media Traffic and Conversions

Increase Your Social Media Traffic and Conversions

If you look at top bloggers of the industry like Neil Patel, and Pat Flynn they are dominating the market with their social media traffic. In fact, for many of us, social media is the major source of traffic. If you look your website stats, you’ll notice that social media is among the top three sources of traffic on your website.


Building social media traffic can be tricky especially if you are running tight on budget and are already running ads. Running ads will boost your website traffic initially but how will it increase your social media handles engagement?

To help you understand this better today I’ll share some proven tactics which will help you generate more social media traffic.

How Do You Increase Social Media Traffic?

Use High Conversion Keywords

On social media, some specific set of keywords always generate more engagement. These keywords differ for each and every social platform. How intelligently you use them will decide the visibility and effectiveness of your post.

Here are some of the best words to share on popular social media platforms:

Facebook: Where, When, Warns, Posts, Tell us, Inspires, Should

Twitter: ReTweet, Free, Follow, Great, How To, Top

Linkedin: Won, Improved, Developed, On Time, Created

Google+: Share, Promote, Increase, Create, Discover

Try using this words in your post to create mindblowing engagement.

For a more detailed analysis on best words check out this infographic from Sprout Social here.

Make A Daily Habit of Sharing Content

You must have heard this famous fact; “Consistency is the key”. The same applies here as well. If you are not consistent with your social media campaign and posts you’ll soon be taken out from the queue by your competitors.

People love to read content daily from the brand they trust. And for building that trust you need to consistently post unique content on your social media handles. Post content even if you don’t get any response from your audience in the initial days. Soon this regularly posting habit will start generating a bigger audience base for you.

Visual Content works the best

A report says that visual content creates 650% more engagement than text posts. Also, social media is famous for visual content be it any platform the content with images, GIFs, and Video always outperforms and churns out the best result.

Instagram: According to data from Instagram, businesses generate 4.21% more engagement than all other social platforms.

Facebook: Visuals in Facebook generates 39% more engagement.

Twitter: Including images in your post can get you 200% more engagement than any simple text tweet.

Post multimedia content to get best results.

Continuously Engage With Your Audience

This is a key factor to make or break your social media handles. Neil Patel on the biggest marketer in the world replies to all his comments and emails.

You know why? That’s because he makes his audience feel special by replying to each one of them. That is a tactic which you should copy from him and see your followers skyrocketing in a short amount of time.

Try responding to all your readers and soon you’ll start getting amazing results.

Share Unique Content

No one likes to read same content over and over again. If you want to be the top influencer in your market share your own content. Unique content backed up with data and experiments outperforms every time.

You’ll see guaranteed results if you share unique content by sharing all your experiences and experiments consistently.

Have an Eye on your Competitor

Last but not the least always have an eye on your competitor.

Check what time they post on all their social handles, which post got viral and why people love their content. After researching all these points create a content similar to it in your own style. Try this amazing technique for only 15 days and you’ll always remember me for this.

In Facebook page, you can use Pages to watch and can add up to five competitors to keep an eye on what and when are they posting.

Wrap Up:

Driving traffic and conversions from your social media demands experiments. You won’t create an engaging content in your first attempt it’s a long-term process which comes naturally over time provided if you are consistent and serious about social media.

Another thing which you can take advantage of is by keeping an eye on your competitors you can leverage it to increase your overall social media engagement.

Let me know in the comments section which strategy works out the best for you. I’d love to listen from you.



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