6 Essential Tips for Social Media Customer Services in 2015

6 Essential Tips for Social Media Customer Services in 2015

What do you do when your flight to Los Angeles is cancelled middle of the night and the airlines rebook you and your spouse on two different flights? Or you are enjoying watching the last few minutes of “Game of Thrones” and suddenly the cable picture starts showing pixilated views for twenty fifth times this month? Or you have been waiting more than two hours in an examining gown to see a dermatologist? You hurry to the local cookie shop to buy a gift for your friend only to find that it is closed at 8, though it announces the opening hours as 8 AM?

If you are just like the millions of consumers of the times, you would jump to Twitter and Facebook or your blog to complain to friends, family and followers about the lousy services that you experienced in all such instances. If you can get through to the company pages on Twitter or Facebook then you will launch complain there, otherwise you will just go viral posting the complain anywhere you feel it will get maximum views. Even when you post problems on the company pages, you expect quick answers and help. If the answer comes and it is convincing then you might end up doing repeat purchases from the store. If not then the relation goes from bad to worse.

Today brands are trying to get closer to their consumers. They want to meet their customers where they can be found, and most can be found on social media. Social media sites have become a part and parcel of common culture. This is why having social media customer services has moved from being a cutting edge strategy to a business necessity. Times have moved on and with them the customer expectations. A few years back when a brand responded to their customer care issue on social media, it served as a pleasant surprise. Now, when the brand does not respond to the issue, customers tend to black mark the company. This is why social media customer services are more important than before. Offering customer care on social media is doing the basic things right. The trends for 2015 suggest that social media will engulf a larger part of customer services. It will be more important than any other communication channel. This is why we thought of sharing some tips that will make your customer services on social media better than ever before.

  • Giving Customers their Deserved Priorities: The role of every business is to fill in a need of the consumers. It would be great if you understand this role from consumers themselves. This is why listening to the chatter on social media pays rich dividends. Brands can converse with customers and engage with them directly. Customers have a scope to clearly tell about their expectations from the brand. Social media is a great way to surface these customer needs. You need to listen to your customers carefully and they will tell you how to better the services and products.
  • Connect with Customers: You have spent some time to engage with the customers and hear out their needs. Concentrate on what the customers are really saying, rather than answering back quickly. Give attention to the voice tone, words and most importantly how the customer is feeling. If necessary carry out the conversation in another channel such as phone or email to connect more personally.
  • Address the Customer Needs: Loyal customers do not buy because they need a product. Rather they are purchasing a product to fulfill their functions or emotional needs. If you respond to the customer queries with due attention it can create a stronger emotional connection between the customer and brand. Try to become better at understanding their needs by asking the right questions. Communicating regularly with consumers can open up paths to new opportunities.
  • The Helpful Attitude: Though there are no immediate profits, but good customer relations serves brands well in the long run. Always try to make the customers feel appreciated and important. Give a personal touch in all the communications. Always project a grateful and courteous image in front of them. Do not let any communication go unanswered.
  • Be a Reliable Help: This is a secret key to building good relations. To build a good relation you have to be reliable first of all. Make sure timely responses are sent out to the customers every single time, no matter what the situation is. If the problem is unique, there should be pre-set template on tackling such questions. Never leave any single issue unanswered.
  • Apologize First and then Deal with the Problem: Social media is a public channel where what you say may be seen by hundreds of customers. This is where you should let go of your ego. When a customer complains, no matter what happens always apologize for the inconvenience. Then go looking for a concrete solution that would address the problem for once and all.

Amelia RobertIf you want to make it big this year, then social media customer services are your way forward. Make sure the essentials are well covered. This article was written by Amelia Robert, a coffee and smartphone lover.

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