5 Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic on Twitter

5 Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic on Twitter

How can you increase your blog traffic on Twitter?

Twitter is a highly popular social networking marketing tool that is proving to be a very valuable marketing asset for many bloggers. It’s easy, fast and a convenience for many busy bloggers. To get the most out of the platform, here are some tips you can implement to increase both your productivity and your traffic:

1. Tweet out as least twice a day. Use Hootsuite as a tool to automate your tweets and to also track your followers.

2. Respond to relevant tweets in your industry. Leave comments and “Favorite” their tweets. They will usually respond in kind.

3. Set a goal to follow up to five Twitter followers each day. They will often in turn follow you back, which is what you want.

4. Be genuine in your tweets. Ask questions. Answer questions. Offer relevant solutions.

5. Share other Twitterers information and links on your own timeline.

The Twitter platform gives users the ability to instantly post an update on their page and the ability to post links to other interesting, pertinent information that their followers may be interested in. The 140-character limit is ideal because it keeps the communication succinct, yet interesting.


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