Top 3 SEO Tools for New Bloggers

Top 3 SEO Tools for New Bloggers

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The trend of blogging is more than ever before these days. Blogs have received immense attention since the start of the current decade. A lot of people read blogs and share their opinion in the comments section under these blogs. Blogs engage various people in productive discussions. SEO tools for new bloggers can bring people to their niches way earlier than expected.

Blogs can be related to anything. Usually, bloggers choose a specific niche and share information relevant to specific topics like current affairs, sports, international politics, climate change, food, and traveling. Bloggers have a lot to do with shaping minds and making anything a word of mouth. That’s why blogs also play an important role in digital marketing.

Many businesses use blogs for affiliate marketing of their services and products. Plenty of bloggers are getting huge revenue because of the attention they get online. These blogs act as influencers and make various trends that common people want to follow.

There is a lot of potential in the field of blogging. Many people who are new to IT business, look to make their mark through blogging. New bloggers can make their mark in the blogging world through good content and a great marketing strategy.  Quality content and excellent strategy can make any blog successful and trending around the world. Top 3 SEO tools for new bloggers would be very helpful for new bloggers.

People love to know about new things and experiences of other people regarding travel, food, and plenty of other things. In addition to content and strategy, there are some other tools needed to rule the marketing world. Here is a list of top 3 SEO tools for new bloggers:

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is a menace that is a threat to quality content. Many websites published plagiarized content without the permission of the real owner. This is a bad act morally and ethically. Google and other search engines are taking action plagiarism and people behind it.

Plagiarism in blogs means lake of creativity and ideas. Google has developed multiple algorithms to figure out plagiarism and the real owner of plagiarized content. Once google identify plagiarized content on any website, it quickly gets removed and the website loses ranking immediately. If this happens several times the website gets blacklisted and it is immediately removed from Google search results.

For bloggers who are new to the blogging world, it is very necessary to limit plagiarism in the published content on their blog. A lot of people including bloggers use plagiarism checker tools to prevent plagiarism. New bloggers also need to evaluate their content on an online plagiarism checker before publishing it. Plagiarized content would not only be a harm to their blog but also affect their overall image online.

There are plenty of plagiarism checkers available online. Those who are new to blogging should make sure that their published content is not plagiarized otherwise they have to face consequences, this could also lead to legal action against the person involved in publishing plagiarized content. So, it is absolutely necessary to make blog plagiarism-free.

Domain Authority Checker

To plan a strategy for the success of a blog website or page you need to have proper knowledge of some SEO metrics. Domain authority is one such metric. It is used to measure the rank of any webpage. Basically, it is a scale ranging from 0 to a maximum of 100. Good domain authority means the probability of ranking a webpage’s URL on the first page of Google search results.

Domain authority plays an important role in bringing organic visitors to a webpage. There are multiple factors behind the Domain Authority ranking of a webpage. These factors are content quality, the total number of backlinks, age of the website, website design, graphics quality, the loading speed of the website, Moz metrics and plenty of other factors.

You need to calculate the Domain authority of your webpage to accurately strategize for improvement in ranking of your webpage. You can find various tools online to calculate domain authority of a webpage.

Keyword Density Checker

As blogs are used for digital marketing as well. Some content creators use a specific word a lot of time in the content. This word is regarded as a keyword to bring organic visitors to a webpage. Google takes Over the repetition of keywords as keywords stuffing. Sometimes Google rate websites or content with keywords stuffing as spam.

There is a lot of restriction on the use of a single keyword for plenty of times in an unusual way. Google has applied new algorithms in the system to counter keywords stuffing. After identifying content with keyword stuffing, Google lowers the rank of the website with spam (keywords repeated in an unusual way) content.

So, the bloggers and content creators need to calculate the keyword density of content before publishing on the website to prevent action from Google. The Keyword Density checker is a good tool for this purpose. The keyword Density checker helps you to calculate the keyword density and rectify your mistakes. It also helps in rectifying other mistakes in the content. It also enables you to check the keyword density of content available online.

Summary SEO Tools

Boggers need some tools to maintain the quality and improve the ranking of their published content. So, in that case, Top 3 SEO tools for new bloggers is very useful. The above-discussed tools can be really helpful for this purpose. These tools are very important for those who are new to blogging and looking to make their mark in this competitive category.

In the end, we would like to say that the success of a blog is not an overnight affair, quality content is the key to success. Best of luck!

If you have any other SEO tools suggestions, please feel free to add them in the comments box below.


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