Three Alternatives to Google AdWords for a Better SEO

Three Alternatives to Google AdWords for a Better SEO

Alternatives to Google AdWords

While the tenets of identifying good keywords are quite explicit, it is the actual identification of the keywords that is the biggest issue. This is exactly where you need to make use of keyword search tools. Google AdWords is invariably the most popular; however, there are quite a few alternatives that you can consider to boost your search engine rankings:

AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

Using the keywords that are already quite popular is no guarantee that you will be able to get a rank in the top ten results. The problem gets worse as you keep on adding more and more content. A good way of achieving SEO success is to devise keywords that are creative as well as relevant. This is exactly the task that the AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator tool has been developed for. The tool features an easy-to-use interface consisting of three text entry boxes that you need to fill up with as many keywords as you can think of and let the keyword generator work out the various permutations that can yield very useful and creative keywords that you can infuse into your content. You will, however, need to keep a watch on the keywords generated because all of them may not make sense.


If you find the auto-complete feature of Google useful for generating keywords for inclusion in your page or blog title, then Soovleis a tool that you’re going to love. The tool takes the auto-complete feature one step further by taking inputs from various sources besides Google, such as Bing, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Amazon, etc. to assist you in generating keywords that will drive online traffic better. While the default is set to Google, you can at will switch to the other options, and see how the results keep on changing. Experimenting with a large variety of keywords and running them through a specialized tool like Keyword Inspector is the best way of extracting value for boosting Amazon sales.

Google Correlate

When getting on top of Google’s search algorithms is the basic issue in achieving top-of-the-page ranks, every webmaster wants to know how Google really interprets content and allocates ranks. A commonly overlooked keyword research tool, Google Correlate, can be extremely useful in generating a large list of keywords. The reason why this tool scores over many others is that its technology allows it to discover keywords that users commonly use together when searching for something. When you can know the commonly used words, you can use this information to string together long tail keywords that will match the user queries better. Also, the knowledge of search terms that are commonly used together will allow you to structure content that can contain these terms for superior search engine discoverability.


Using these tools, you can identify the keywords that will work best for your website. With the help of keywords that are most effective, you will be able to get your content strategy right so that you achieve best results in the rankings race.


Author Bio: Emilly is an SEO analytics expert. She writes extensively on SEO tools, their features, and advantages. She has recently reviewed a number of Amazon keyword tools, including Keyword Inspector, for a leading SEO online journal.

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