Social Media VS SEO

Social Media VS SEO

SEO and Social Media both are important factors for a site. Both are important in terms of traffic, generating leads, gaining more followers and establishing a website or blog as a Brand.

Many people ask me, what should they prefer in their blogging journey. Some say they think SEO is more important and Some say SEO is more important. Well, frankly speaking, replying to this answer is quite difficult.

Today I will talk about Social Media VS SEO

Social Media VS SEO

Basic :

Social media includes all social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, etc. Millions of people join social networks to talk and share their views, they also share what they find useful and when they find useful on your blog or website they share it on their social profile and you will get more traffic.

SEO is not a place where anyone can join. SEO is a process to optimize website and posts so they can rank for particular queries in search engine. Anyone can search with some keywords and land on your page or site which match to their query.

Type of Traffic:

Social media is a great way to gain lots of traffic. Even I get 60% of traffic from my social networks. The good thing is that visitors also share my posts on their network and this way it help to gain more readers and more exposure.

SEO make sites and posts to rank for keywords. This way we get targeted traffic for our site. When visitors search for some query and those keywords show your site or page on first page then most likely they come on your page and this way you get targeted traffic for those queries. It also help you to generate leads.

SEO and Social media are co-rellated

It is also said that a good social media presence, help a website rank good in search engines. Also more sharing on social networks and a good ranking in search result both are necessary for branding for a blog or website.

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