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There’s a certain way that you need to write for search engines, if you want your material to get noticed. Here, we’ll show you how to write for the search engines and get your blog posts noticed and increase your traffic.

How to Save Your Website from Next Google Panda Update -4.2?

Google Panda

Almost six months have passed since last Google Panda update. It remained silent for some time but the web is again inquisitive about the release of next version. Panda 4.1 came with new signals to identify low quality content and hit search engine presence of several domains. Although whole web has already been making noises about Panda refresh/update in 2015 ... Read More »

Social Media VS SEO

Social Media VS SEO

SEO and Social Media both are important factors for a site. Both are important in terms of traffic, generating leads, gaining more followers and establishing a website or blog as a Brand. Many people ask me, what should they prefer in their blogging journey. Some say they think SEO is more important and Some say SEO is more important. Well, ... Read More »

5 Tips on How to Blog for the Search Engines

Search Engines Blogging for the purpose of being found in the search engines is not an easy task…depending on who you ask. Blogging for the search engines is no different than blogging for human eyes. The only difference is knowing where and how to place your keywords. Blogging and SEO do go together because blogging is a very popular method ... Read More »