What you need to know about SEO: Key Aspects of SEO Discussed

What you need to know about SEO: Key Aspects of SEO Discussed

Are you wondering what SEO really is? Do you hear about SEO but do not know what it actually entails? Well, this article is meant for people like you who would want to know about SEO. There are many pieces of information on the web about what SEO is but they do not use terms that are understandable to most people. You may end up getting very confused due to the confusing information on the web about what SEO is and what it entails.

In this article, I will do my best to use as few jargons as possible to make you get the concept behind SEO. To kick start this piece, SEO is an abbreviation of search engine optimization. It can be well explained as the whole process of getting many visitors known as traffic to your website from the search results on the different search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These search engines have the basic results to the search queries ranked according to what they consider relevant to the users.

It is the most core goal of search engine optimization to master the method these search engines use to rank the contents of any website. The highly ranked content is what gets to the users as the first option. In other words, higher ranking increases visibility on the web. Now, if you own or run a business you understand how important it is to be visible at every time. It increases your popularity by putting you on the map.

The plan of every business is to expand as much as possible in every sector including the acquisition of new clients. By subscribing to search engine optimization, the products you deal in and the services you provide are promoted. This way, you put your business on the right track to getting new clients by increasing your website’s rate of conversion. This is an efficient answer to the question if SEO is important for your business.

It will be in order for me to talk about some services that you should expect to be offered when you opt for search engine optimization. Put in mind that the choice of the plan to take should be within your budget and relevant to the needs of your business at that time. However, the services offered may vary from one company to the other.

  1. In-depth Keyword Research

choose the right keywords

This could be considered one of the main services that SEO companies provide. Whenever we are searching for stuff online, we tend to key in specific words on the search engines. These words we use are what are called keywords. Only the pages that contain these words are availed in the search results. It is the key role of SEO to research on the keywords for your website. After the extensive research, the keywords are placed in the target pages.

The method used by the SEO companies to create a list of all possible keywords may include surveying what consumers use, getting suggestions from the clients, and analysing the analytics of Google.

  1. SEO audits

seo audit

SEO auditors are another bunch of experts found in the SEO companies. As the name suggests, their responsibility is to carry out audits on the Search Engine profile of your website. They seek to identify any opportunity therein to optimize your website and boost your traffic. Furthermore, they spot any issues and work to eliminate them to ensure that your website out smarts the competitors and the rate of conversion is constantly growing.

The main areas of your website’s Search Engine profile that the auditors are interested in are the infrastructure, on-page, and off-page elements. This service is very beneficial for any marketing agency since it influences the overall success of any planned online marketing activities including pre-empting any arising issues.

  1. Effective Web Design

Effective Web Design

We have many a time been on the web and saw a very integrated website whose logo, footer, and header match the very value of the business. That is the work of effective web design by the experts in search engine optimization. This lot of dedicated experts aim at creating a website for you that will not only be attractive to the users of the internet but will also attract search engine rankings.

While they design your website, the designers understand the importance of involving you in the whole exercise to incorporate the values and the objectives of your business. The team of designers will make your website very easy to use so that the visitors of the site may revisit.


I am positive that you have understood the concept of search engine optimization, the main reason why businesses need SEO and some of the services provided by most SEO Companies.


Derek Iwasiuk runs a national digital search engine optimization firm headquartered in Minneapolis. He shares the experience that he gained from working in an online marketing agency by writing articles and coaching young SEO experts. To read many of his articles, visit the website.

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