5 Tips on How to Blog for the Search Engines

Search Engines

Blogging for the purpose of being found in the search engines is not an easy task…depending on who you ask. Blogging for the search engines is no different than blogging for human eyes. The only difference is knowing where and how to place your keywords.

Blogging and SEO do go together because blogging is a very popular method of increasing your blog site’s visibility and traffic. To be found in the SE, there are distinct ways to get there. Let’s see what are they:

1. Pay for traffic (using SEO services, etc.).

2. Work for traffic (blog, social platforms and interactions).

3. Create quality content.

4. Create links pointing to other websites with quality content.

5. Interact on different platforms and social outlets.

Most bloggers won’t generally choose the first option, mainly because they’re remote entrepreneurs. They don’t want to incur the extra added expense that it entails. But, with option#2, bloggers can utilize their skills and experience to increase rankings in the search engines. Here are some things you need to do as a blogger to find favor in the SE and increase your rankings:


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