App Store SEO: Improving The App’s Visibility Since Years!

App Store SEO: Improving The App’s Visibility Since Years!

App Store SEO

How to get started with App Store SEO. Mobile Apps…these are serving as necessities since many years now. In case we are in need of a Cab; or may be an online food delivery; or just an online shopping, we have many applications designed to serve our purpose. It can be stated that the app world is growing at a much faster pace in comparison to the human world!

Ok, now don’t start searching for some other related app in your App Store. And in case you have already ignored my warning and have already started searching for the desired app, then patience my friend…It might happen that you will not get that app in the top searches of your App Store. Well, yes may be because the Digital Marketing Veteran might not have opted for the follow-up of App Store Search Engine Optimization to attract more traffic to their app.

Yes, you heard it right. I just mentioned App Store Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! The term sounds impressive and technical. Isn’t it? But, are you aware of the facts and theories attached to this term? If yes, then it’s good and; if no, then don’t worry I am here to help you out.

App Store Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A Brief

App Store Optimization

After designing a great idea for the app, the next step is to move towards its development process on technical terms.

Imagine one has put in a whole lot of efforts and hard work to make a great mobile application and get it launched on the app store soon after its development. Now, your application is live on the App Store and it really looks great and unique. You have tried to put in every required effort to make it sound impressive to the users. But, there is just one problem, your app is invisible and lost in the App Store. This is where the role of App Store Search Engine Optimization comes in!

There are more than 2 million apps in the App Store and this may overshadow your app from being in the limelight. To raise the importance of your app’s availability in the App Store, it is must to have a strong App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy.

ASO is the process of improving an app’s visibility in the App Store using various optimization factors and components. The use of this method eventually leads to the rise in your app’s visibility, thus making it appear in the top search results. This whole process ultimately makes your app reach to the majority, thus increasing the number of your app users.

Be it Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, BlackBerry World or Amazon App Store, there are various apps serving different needs on each of the platform. The number is however, increasing day-by-day, hence it is important to assign a proper location to your highly valuable designed app.

This whole process of ASO is not a one-time process, but it is rather an ongoing one. Monitoring and updating your app keywords on a regular basis is a regular part of this job.

I know it’s not that simple as it seems to be! Hence, there is a proper process on how to optimize for App Store search engines. Come on, let’s take a dive into this…

How To Optimize For Your App Store Search Engine

Optimize Your App Store

Ok, now we are very well aware of the fact that mobile app’s are highly useful and needful in our day-to-day lives. But, we will only be able to access these useful apps only when these are visible to us on the App Store.

App Store Optimization (ASO) works similarly like Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In AOS process, the ultimate goal is to provide the Users with the best possible search results for your designed application.

There are few of the highly important levers and knobs required to turn your marketing effects into an awesome one. These factors serve as quick tips for optimization of your mobile app in the App Store. Want to know more? Here, you go…

  • App Title – The Priority

App Title is the most important factor when it comes to ranking in ASO. The title or the crown of the app must be unique, different and must include keywords.

puzzle title for App Store

We generally say, ‘What’s there in the name?’, but that’s not the case here. Your title signifies what your app is all about. However, it is also important to note that the title should not appear spam in the race of including keywords. It should make sense and must go well with the idea of your app.

  • Description – The Link Up

After setting up a unique and keyword infused title, it is equally important to put up a linking description to it. This will serve as a helping hand to the title. It will give a clear and brief picture of what the app does and how it is beneficial for the users.

right keywords app-store

The description basically consists of two sections, that is, Above the Fold and Below the Fold. Above the Fold includes the usage of 1-2 sentences that are primarily about the app’s description and its primary use. Below it, comes the Below the Fold that has listed pointers of the designed feature-packed app and the listing of its social engagement platforms.

  • Keyword Field – Your App’s True SEO

This is again the vital factor that can make your app fall in the top searches. There is a keyword field in iOS platform that is of 100 characters. It is basically designed to inform iTunes search about which keywords to show up on your app search.

Keywords for App Store

Remember that there are only 100 characters to be used, hence these must be used wisely and smartly. While choosing the keyword for the field, one must focus on the search volume, relevancy and difficulty level. Usage of multiple phrases and repeated keywords must be avoided to or its appropriate usage. Also, ensure to separate your keywords with the use of a comma, rather than using spaces.

  • Icon – Consumer’s First Interaction

Consumers are highly choosy about the apps. There are many apps available in the app store market to solve a single purpose. Therefore, the consumer becomes quite choosy while picking up the best for him.

Consumer’s First Interaction

Consumers actually go for the download of simple to understand, elegant looking and beautifully captioned apps. Your app’s icon serves as the first interaction with your consumer, hence it must be simple yet appealing. The Icon is the only way through which you can convey your brand’s meaning, purpose and its usefulness. Hence, one must design the app’s icon in a wisely manner after undertaking all the above listed criteria.

  • Screenshots – The Promotional Graphics

The most significant thing about screenshots is that they must be only treated as screenshots. Yes, you guessed it right! I am here talking about presenting a bigger picture through screenshots. These serve as promotional graphics for your designed app, hence these must be treated in the same manner.

The Promotional Graphics

It is advised to provide screenshots with the spice of some text or graphics so that these can present your app in an interesting way. The screenshots actually make the consumer know about its worth. These can be used in such a way that it creates a story, thus taking the user from one graphic to another revealing its importance.

  • Ratings – The Visible Marketer

How many of us have downloaded the app based on their ratings? I think, there are many. Before tapping onto the download icon, all of us preferably check out the app ratings in order to ensure its worth among the users.

App Review

Now you must be thinking that how is App Store SEO related to this? Well, the answer is quite simple! Every app has a low or high rating and this rating is directly proportional to its performance in the world of App Store. The higher the ratings, better is its performance and higher is the priority of making your app count in the top searches.

  • Reviews – Easy Way to Click Download

Along with the ratings, many of us also check the reviews. Yes, that’s true! Most of the consumers do not go for the app download just because of the bad reviews. 1-2 bad reviews are OK, but if there are many in comparison to the good reviews, then the app is a big NOOOOO for the consumers.

Being a Job Marketer, one must ensure that his/her designed app has a lot of positive consumer reviews. This will encourage the consumer to give it a try without thinking much. This will also serve as a conversion rate from your app page views to its actual downloads.

  • Link Building – The Final Promotional Call

Apart from infusing keywords in the keyword field, there are many other ways to promote your app. Link building is one of the ways that serve this purpose with ease.

One can click to the use of various other promotional platforms that work towards promoting your rich feature-packed application. Just like clickfire is work towards promoting your rich content blogs, there are many linking apps developed based on your app’s idea. One can link the name of top rated apps to their apps, to make it fall in the top search category.

Revise, Understand & Implement

Top App Store Optimisation

It is important to go through all the above-mentioned points, understand their importance and only then proceed towards their follow up. There may be much more knowledge to this development as the marketer does not stop at one, rather he/she tries to bring out as many creative and innovative marketing ways as possible. It is difficult to stop them at just 1 or 2!

An application is comprised of many things in itself and hence, it needs justice to its designing. Optimization is the only way out to serve this cause. A developer is expected to leave an everlasting impression on its consumers through the app’s unique yet catchy title, its valuable description, its proper keyword infrastructure, its meaningful icon, its descriptive screenshots, its high consumer ratings, its positive reviews or feedbacks and its arranged link building.

One may expect favorable outcomes after the implementation of stated facts, but let me remind you of the proven fact that Search Engine Optimization is not a one time show, rather it is an ongoing life cycle. It is a constant changing process; hence one is required to adapt to the changes as per the new trends.

Humans have turnednto a visual society; therefore, they do not prefer boring texts nowadays. For this solid reason, the power of app widgets and icon must never be underestimated. A great looking app is sure to grab the attention of many viewers!


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