An Expert Talks on Leveraging Changing SEO Trends for Business Growth

An Expert Talks on Leveraging Changing SEO Trends for Business Growth

As we all know, SEO is a fast changing arena, and the question is not about surviving in this highly competitive business environment, but about excelling in it to reap the best results. Here, we have jotted down a couple of major points excerpted from a discussion of the experts of international SEO fraternity (Mark, John, and Tracey as the moderator). They will give their advice on SEO Trends.

The discussion is transcribed verbatim as it is found to have a few vital inputs for the SEO experts and marketers.

Mark: “Many people asked me for the simplest and mightiest SEO tip, but all the times, I had to disappoint them. However, one thing I used to tell them is that SEO is no rocket science, but it requires a quality approach with persistence to succeed.

Anyone who works for 10 minutes to do some search engine optimization may surely recognize that it can’t be done without a consistent and comprehensive planning.”

John: “What you mentioned is absolutely true. Whenever I worked with clients, the area, which I had to focus most on, was the process of getting all departments to work together and realize how they can help each other. Say for example, sales and customer service.

The major challenge now is that the marketing people are supposed to produce all the content about a product or service, but they really don’t know much about what the engineers and support people do.

Figuring out what people need and what they search for is important in SEO, and in fact this information is there within, which needs to be found through proper communication and internal coordination.”

Tracey: “I too agree that there should be a well-delineated process. Many of the digital marketers and social media marketing Mumbai professionals are confused about how to go well about online marketing.  Growth is a word people frequently associate with sales, so what are some areas to focus on for accelerating business growth?”

Mark: “Sales don’t come to you that easily. The primary aspect of marketing, whether it is online or offline, is to understand who exactly your target audience is and what they are searching for. It is essential to know the most precise and relevant information and the questions people repeatedly ask in order to develop an overarching marketing or SEO plan.”

John: “Once you reach up to this point, next to take care of is the importance of proper messaging. This, not only should be attractive, but also consistent. It is important to do the messaging consistently across all the channels to get it stuck to the audiences’ mind.

Tracey: “It’s clear. What are some of the major tools to use when you are working with a client to outline what their SEO strategy should be?”

John: “There are a couple of those, which I always loved to use. is one and the other is Google keyword planner, which is used by a lot of experts. I am also fond of Wikipedia as a relevant research platform.”

Mark: “Buzzsumo is one of my favorites, and by default, Google keyword planner is there. Another tool I just found to be helpful is”

The discussion lasted for long with more points covered, which we will discuss in the forthcoming articles. All in all, the essence of the entire talk points towards the importance of SEO experts to always keep updated about the fast changing technical aspects as well as the market behavior to succeed in this highly competitive arena.

Author Bio: Evans walsh is a veteran conventional marketer and online marketing specialist, now posting his innovative findings and tactics about SEO and online marketing at and many other blogs for the benefit of the new-generation marketers.

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