5 Ways to Effectively Market Your New Consulting Firm

5 Ways to Effectively Market Your New Consulting Firm

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Starting a business is never easy, and most new business owners are always faced with the same question: How do I bring in new clients? The story is no different for business consultants. You have to constantly look for new ways to make those connections and bring in fresh business. So how can you stand out and market your consulting firm to other businesses? Here are 5 effective ideas.

Cold Calls

Don’t be too proud to reach out to potential customers directly. Nobody enjoys cold calling, but when you’re just starting out, you have to experiment with your marketing techniques to find what works. It’s also a great way to test out your ability to sell yourself. While some may argue that cold calls are ineffective, as a business consultant with minimal marketing funds, it is often the only option available to you. So even though research has shown that only 2% of cold calls result in an appointment, that’s still 2% more than you would get by doing nothing.

Direct Mail

This is a less aggressive form of making contact with prospects, but it still takes a bit of guts. First, put together a list of businesses that you might want to work with. Get their addresses, and create a direct mailer to send to every business on your list. Make the mailer catchy, personalized, and direct. If you target your mailers properly and make the content catchy enough, you may reel in a new client.

Another option is to go the digital route and send an email offering your services. This is a perfectly viable option, but remember that physical mailboxes have no spam folder for your message to get automatically sorted into.

Newsletters and Blogs

There’s one thing every business owner wants to know about a consultant: that they’re an expert at what they do. But how do you show that to potential customers when you’re just starting out? The best way to do this is to write about your industry and place that content in front of your target audience. You can accomplish this in two ways: blogs and newsletters.

Newsletters allow you to send your information directly to your target clientele, either via email or physical mail. With blogs, you have a wider potential audience, but it can be a bit difficult for your target demographic to find you in the beginning.

Whichever route you choose to take, make sure that you’re writing about important, useful, and relevant information for your industry. Show your expertise in everything that you write. Share important news, give tips for success, and provide case studies for your past successes. The more you show that you know what you’re doing, the more people you’ll have coming to you for your services.


In the words of entrepreneur and consultant Lorin Beller Blake, “The easiest way to promote yourself is to do your job really well with the clients that you already have.” Your current customers are your best bet for finding new ones. Do your job well, then ask them if they know of anyone else who may be interested in working with you. If they can think of someone in the moment, ask them for the person’s contact information so that you can reach out to the potential customer directly. If they don’t have anyone in mind right away, at least give them a few business cards so that they can spread the word about your consulting services to others. If they’re happy with your work, the referrals will come naturally.

Be on Social Media

Social media is an invaluable tool for networking and finding new contacts and customers. You should be on every social media platform available, and making full use of that platform whenever possible. Remember those newsletters and blogs you’re writing to show you’re an expert? Share them on your social media channels. Make a video to go along with your latest blog and post it to YouTube.

For example, consider multi-millionaire consultant Sam Ovens. His YouTube channel is filled with videos providing tips, discussing ideas, and sharing success stories. Every video shows him to be an expert in his field, so that anyone looking for these kinds of services will know where to turn.

If you tailor your marketing properly to your desired clientele and make consistent efforts and promoting your business, it’s only a matter of time before customers begin to find you. Have you already had some success marketing your consulting firm? Share your story with us.

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