5 Things to Avoid the Google Panda 4.0 Trap

5 Things to Avoid the Google Panda 4.0 Trap

How can you avoid the Google Panda 4.0 Trap?

It is very easy to fall into Google’s trap, but we’re not going to make it so easy on Google Panda 4.0 with this 5 tips!
A few weeks ago Google launched the 4.0 update of Panda, a considerable change in which now the algorithm is much more focused on content value and keeps on penalizing spam.
This update is a great opportunity for companies that produce a great deal of content, like us BlogDash, to set us aside from other companies, with the top quality that we provide.
If you thing that your company or brand is not using good content or does not know how to add value to the users, here you have 5 tips you must take in consideration so the Panda doesn’t eat you up and spit you out!
1. Develop a content strategy:
If you still don’t have a strategy for content marketing, now seems the best time to do so. For whom are you creating content? Who is your audience? What value are you adding to your users? Answering these questions you will start to shape out your strategy.
2. Develop unique content:
Ask your users, do research and give them exactly what they’re looking for adding value and standing out of the crowd from your competitors. Make your content remarkable. For example, it is not the same you saying on your home or landing page that you are the best car rental company in town, than giving 10 tips to keep in mind before you rent a car. The first thing is mere advertising, the second one adds value!
3. Promote content on the right social media:
This would be a key point for your strategy to work. If you’re sharing your articles in the wrong social networks, where it’s most likely that your users are not even close of being around, you will be very eligible for failure. So, check yourself before you wreck yourself, cover all bases.
4. Transform:
Why would you create spectacular content if it doesn’t accomplish your business marketing goal? The easiest thing to do is get a follower or an user, the truly hard thing is to keep them so they become a costumer. Use lead nurturing techniques to create a bigger compromise with your audience through the whole process. Keep in mind that not all users have the same needs, and taking this in consideration you need different strategies for different audiences!
5. Forget about the SEO:
You must think i am completely out of my mind! Nope, let me explain it a bit better. You may think i am talking about regular and technical SEO, but the real SEO now is actually people, conversations, contents and the best of all is that today’s SEO is quality, cherish and that is something we have always wanted, because we want to make content for people, not machines! So this makes this technique a plus and we thank Google for the new updates and how they are creating a more fluid internet!
You’ve heard it from BlogDash guys! Now don’t let the Panda eat you up like leaves!

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