How the Internet has revolutionized the Education System

How the Internet has revolutionized the Education System

The internet revolutionized almost every aspect of society, but education is an area that saw some of the greatest changes. Slowly traditional classroom models are being replaced by online or blended learning programs, where students have more control over the pace and content of their education. As a student, there are many ways that you can take advantage of the latest developments in virtual learning academies. On “How the Internet has revolutionized the Education System” we will tell you how.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

The cost of a traditional college education is getting out of control, leading to massive student debt and a crippled economy. Much of the reason for this dramatic increase in cost over the last ten years stems from administrative fees and salaries, as well as fees for services the majority of students never use. The cost of attending an online institution is considerably lower, because your tuition and fees don’t have to fund a maintenance budget for campus buildings or pay for a large administrative staff. The total cost of attendance of an online institution is only a fraction of that at a brick and mortar college.

Focused Learning

A degree program at most traditional colleges includes a significant emphasis on general education requirements. Unfortunately, these courses have little to do with your intended field of study, and often seem as little more than a waste of your time and energy. For instance, biology majors forced to spend multiple semesters in history courses, or literature majors required to take calculus. A virtual learning academy doesn’t have the same issues. Online learning programs are designed with busy professionals in mind, and the institution understands that you don’t have time to waste on courses that don’t drive you towards your career goals. This means a focus on courses with real application in your life and your career.

Faster Degree Completion

The typical degree plan anticipates that you will spend at least four years in college, though most people will not get their degree in less than five. The longer it takes to earn your degree, the more debt you accumulate and the lower your lifetime earnings will be. The length of time to graduate form a masonry college is influenced by two important factors. First, the common education requirements artificially inflate the number of courses needed to earn a degree. Second, Winter break and the Summer term form large gaps in the calendar year where few classes are offered, and those that are on the schedule are incredibly expensive. Through an online degree program you are able to take classes at your own pace, and learn when you want. Most online schools have courses that begin every four to six weeks, so you never have to wait months to take the next step towards your degree. In addition, if you need to take a few weeks off for personal or professional reasons, you can jump right back in to your education when you’re ready to return, instead of waiting for the next semester to start. While it may take four or five years for a degree from a traditional college, the accelerated pace of an online institution can have you in your new career in as little as 30 months.

New Career Paths

In a rapidly evolving world, brick and mortar colleges are falling behind in course offerings for important new digital careers. It takes time to develop new course materials, and even longer to find the right instructor to teach the new courses, so traditional colleges tend to lag behind their online counterparts in offering programs that reflect the newest trends in an industry. For instance, two of the fastest growing careers in the business community are in blogger outreach and marketing. These jobs address the new reality in business that content creation and in-bound marketing tactics are the most effective way to attract new customers. Virtual learning academies were the first institutions of higher learning to adopt training and certification programs in these new fields, giving graduates an incredible competitive advantage in the job market.

Because of the internet, education will never be the same. Between more diverse course offerings, greater student control over their own education, and self-paced learning, online education is a viable alternative to the traditional college model.

BlogDash CollaboratorThis article is a guest post, courtesy of Academy of Learning College, a career and business college that offers over 30 diploma programs, at over 50 various locations across Canada.

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