Food Startups are Building Brand Riding on Bloggers’ Engagement

Food Startups are Building Brand Riding on Bloggers’ Engagement

Food startups is a category that’s become the taste of the season. Despite the list of failing food startups is growing every passing week, there is no dearth of fresh sprouts. It seems to be too tempting for new kids on the block to keep trying their luck and not deterred by the risks. The only problem with the ever-increasing numbers is the scarcity of early funding.

The Dominoes Effect

One thing leads to another. Low on funding, tough competition all around, need to build brand and require limelight leaves food startups with just one option to try – PR. But then, to be covered by media and big relevant portals, you need to have some bit of basic brand building done. And the easier, obvious target happens to be the blogs.

Convincing, influencing and seducing young bloggers to write about your food venture is a task not so difficult for a smart startup. It’s more like fishing. You catch the sitting and crawling worms first. With those worms n hook, the smaller fishes come in easily. Bigger one follow. The only difference is, they don’t actually come in. You have to go all out showing what you have and what all you can offer in return.

There are no free lunches, yes for sure. But a blog post in lieu of a free lunch or dinner will do the trick. And no prizes for guessing that it’s the easiest thing to offer for a FOOD startup.

The Next Step

For bigger blogs with more reach and following, one can try contests. The readers and participants may win meal vouchers. An expert tip here: ask the winners to enjoy their meal and share their experience on social media including your brand hashtag. That amplifies the reach.

A decent showcasing in reputed blogs will open easy doors for your food venture to the world of media. Digital to start with. Mainstream comes in later.

With my personal experience, I can say that blogger’s table quite does the trick. Tasting session, chef engagement or celebrity chef endorsement makes it bigger and better.

All the above activities result in making food startups a deliciously tempting pie for big-shot food critics and journalists. All you would be required to do is, reach out to them and crack it.

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