Want to know Importance of a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Want to know Importance of a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital Marketing Strategy

There was a time when buying decisions were influenced by advertisements. These advertisements were informative and helped the buyer in taking intelligent and smart decisions. However, this trend has changed as now people simply make use of search engines like Google to get information regarding the product or service they intend to buy. Other sources of information for today’s customers include social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, YouTube etc. Websites like Blogosphere also provide useful information which consumers can use.

Changing trends

Companies which are vigilant and have recognized this trend do not use the normal promotional approaches commonly found online. These companies try to understand their consumer and tailor their offers accordingly, with special regard to the platform being used. In other words they play a smart game, and fully appreciate the fact that the internet is not a ‘one-to-many’ broadcasting tool. This ‘approach is often called the megaphone approach, and the organizations which make use it on their websites, eventually drive away customers. This is where the digital marketing strategy comes in to play.

A digital marketing strategy can be put to a number of beneficial uses by a company. Some of the uses are listed below:

  1.     It Provides Direction

A digital strategy serves to provide an organization with a clear defined path. It serves to outline the goals which are necessary for a company to achieve, in order to increase its customer base, and to strengthen the relationship with existing customers. Once the goals are defined, resource allocation becomes a lot easier for the company. Furthermore, it leads the company to analyze its performance to see if it is aligned with its goals.

  1.     Facilitates in determining the online Market Share

Nowadays, there is a great demand for online services. In the absence of a digital strategy this importance may be overlooked leading to misunderstandings regarding the online market of the business. The business will fail to appreciate the difference in the market dynamics and the limitations of traditional marketing techniques. Furthermore, the company will fail to understand different customer behaviours and profiles, the nature of the competition and the different available marketing options.

  1.     Market share will be lost to Competition

Without a digital marketing strategy the company will fail to allocate enough resources for this purpose or the company might take an unplanned approach towards digital marketing. In both cases the business stands to lose out on its market share.

  1.     It helps in allocating Money and time effectively

Many times the company allocates sufficient resources to different functions; however, these resources are wasted. It is particularly true in large organizations where different components of the marketing functions are often involved in purchasing similar resources in order to operate better.  This wastage can be avoided through the use of digital marketing which serves to integrate all functions.

  1.     It moves to make the Company more flexible

Being flexible and quick to respond to any type of challenges, are characteristics of many of the successful brands of today, for instance, Google, Tesco, Amazon, Tappos, ProProfs etc. These are all dynamic companies and they experiment with new approaches in order to attract new customers and to retain existing ones. This is one of the uses of digital marketing.

  1.     It makes you efficient

All companies which run their own websites make use of analytics. The problem arises when the senior management fails to emphasize the need to address the results, on the team. This is where a strategy can help, as it helps businesses in applying the correct basics. This will lead a business to constantly improve different areas like email and social media marketing, site user experience and search engine marketing.

An online presence, can increase sales but only if it is tailored to the business. As people start visiting the business websites, the company should look to engage the customers for the purpose increasing the customer base.

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