Visual Marketing And Its Massive Influence On Ecommerce Sales

Visual Marketing And Its Massive Influence On Ecommerce Sales

Visual Marketing

For eCommerce, it is a persistent task to reach a fresh audience and create awareness to generate more traffic to their website.  But to harness more traffic, it is essential to attract and engage the audience with quality intriguing content and good visual marketing.

Audiences nowadays are interested in engaging with the visual content compared to the previously famous blogs, articles, or any other textual content.

Social media platforms are a piece of evidence for audiences’ visual content consumption. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat are all visually crammed platforms.

And how important visual content is? It can be understood by the fact that almost half of the world’s population is actively using social media. 

It is understandable as visual content is comparatively more engaging and attractive to browse, interact, and share. 

This has resulted in the inception of Visual marketing and visual marketing platforms. 

Visual Marketing Definition

Visual marketing is the process of sharing visual content such as images, videos, infographics, gifs, logos, etc. to convey a piece of valuable information from a business to the consumers for promotions and engagement. 

Visual marketing is an important aspect of this present-day digital age marketing ecosphere. 

Thriving technology, high-speed internet, and social media genesis have led to the rising consumption of powerful high-quality visual content by the consumers. 

Visuals are highly effective and influencing as they help us contain more information, grab attention, instigate sentiments, trigger imagination, form visual context, and are more expressive.

Visuals for eCommerce

Engagement increases by 180% if the post has visuals in it and 85% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a product video. Besides, videos are shared 1200% more than the normal posts. 

These figures are indicative of the fact that how important visual marketing is, especially for eCommerce platforms.

Consumers are looking for visual cues while shopping online that creates a sense of reliability, trust, authenticity, and product aesthetics. Visuals help in enhancing the consumers’ online shopping experience tremendously.

And poor consumer shopping experience has been the key element that has resulted in diminishing returns for the eCommerce platforms. Even with hefty discounts, comparatively low prices, rewards & offers, and home delivery, The eCommerce industry hasn’t seen much return on their investments. 

Visual marketing strategies provide a much-needed push towards rising consumers, conversions, and sales for eCommerce. 

We have accumulated some points as to how visual marketing strategies can help eCommerce get more customers. 

1. User-Generated Content

Word of mouth is the most trustable source of content for any consumer. And social media is the biggest hub for user-generated content generation and availability. 

Visual Marketing And Its Massive Influence On Ecommerce Sales

Social media has enabled users to share visual content and this user-generated visual content has proven to be the online buying decision-driver for over 90% of the users.

People trust the recommendations of existing or past users of a business. As they share UGC content based on their genuine opinions, feedback, reviews, and experiences. 

Showcasing UGC as a part of your visual marketing strategy on your eCommerce platform would allow the users to get better product insights, real-life use, durability, picture themselves using products, authenticity, and better visual appeal. 

2. Shoppable Posts

Shoppable posts have been a recent phenomenon that has received a positive response from both the consumers and the brand. Shoppable posts are the visual posts that have an integrated buying option for the products shown in the post, directly from the post.

What can be better than combining the advertising and selling in a frame?

Advertising will help in building interest & intention to buy for consumers and shoppability will allow them to complete the purchase instantly.

This will help in providing the best returns on marketing investments and besides adding shoppability to user-generated visuals will become even more resourceful.

Using UGC visuals for marketing with shoppability will reduce the cost of content creation, amplify dominance, product discoverability, easy checkout, shorter purchase funnel, visually aesthetic product appeal, and maximum sales. 

3. Amplified Interaction & Engagement

The most important thing for any marketer is that the intended sentiments with the desired marketing messages are being communicated effectively to the target audience. 

As we saw earlier, Visuals have a much higher engagement rate and are shared tremendously by the users. Besides, visuals can be processed 60000 times faster than text.

It shows that visuals are much more expressive, interactive, and engaging. And they have the power to convey emotions successfully. 

Visual content marketing becomes important here as communicating your marketing message effectively will lead to better engagement and interaction with the advertisement. 

This will result in higher leads and conversions for your eCommerce. 

4. Visual Content Hub Creation

Don’t just stop at marketing, instead go an extra mile for the consumers to enhance their browsing and shopping experience to the next level.

You should create a content hub wall on your eCommerce as part of your visual content marketing strategies. 

Visual Marketing for Ecommerce Sales

This content hub should have customer uploaded product photos and videos, how-to videos, infographics, tips & tricks visuals, product demonstrations, custom adverts, review videos, trends, and much more.

This will be highly engaging and immensely helpful for the users as they will be able to gain more knowledge and insights about your products and eCommerce. 

Besides, it will help the consumers in making an informed purchase decision based on deriving from content hub exploration and engagement. 

It will escalate the consumer experience to superiority and will result in more sales for your eCommerce. 


Visual marketing is on the rise as social media and visual content consumption grows among the consumers. Besides, social browsing has been merged with online shopping in recent times. 

These advancements have called for the need for engaging and interactive visuals to be brought into the marketing strategies. And eCommerce platforms are at most benefit from visual marketing.

With social commerce in the picture, it becomes essential that your eCommerce is supported by strong visual marketing strategies. It can help you deliver a supreme consumer experience and amplify your sales through the roof.


About author: I’m Alice Herman, a digital marketer, and technical writer who is passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, and digital marketing trends. Visual commerce platforms will shape the future of visual marketing, especially for the eCommerce industry.

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About Alice Herman

I’m Alice Herman, a digital marketer, and technical writer who is passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, and digital marketing trends.