Usability Testing in Web Design Process

Usability Testing in Web Design Process

A great portion of web design is to catch the attention of users through perfect usability. Yet, it’s also difficult to conclude if a new website or design possesses it when no one has fully tried it yet. That’s why Experienced web design companies  always conduct usability testing to check if it truly caters great user experience. But never expect this strategy to happen in all web design or digital marketing services. Only a few are smart enough to know the value of this approach in your business goals.

What is Usability Testing?

Basically, usability testing is the method applied to know if things on a website are simple to use. But the good thing about a reliable usability testing is that real users are involved. The users are requested to finish certain tasks while researchers take note of their activities. When the majority of them experience difficulties or confusions in some areas, recommendations are reported to fix the issues.

Key Advantages When Executing Website Usability Testing

• Direct or real user feedback

• Saves time and money on redesigning efforts

• Lowers the likelihood of product failure

• Advantage on business competitors

• Understanding user motivations

• Fixing issues prior to launching

• Ensure the best user experience (UX)

• Increase customer or user retention

• Increase web presence and web traffic

Three Types of Usability Testing

The general goal of usability testing is to check a website or design works with real people. But it may also have different types according to their main purpose in conducting the test. Learn some of it below.

1. Exploration Needs

If a website is already launched, explorative usability testing is a good plan to conduct. This allows checking of site issues that aren’t seen during the pre-launch and post-launch phase. Participants are typically given real-time scenarios that help determine which areas of the design need more focus or remedy.

2. Comparison

Comparison testing is a common activity in any kind of business. As for the field in web design, usability testing of a certain website with other website is a business strategy. This is something done to know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors’ site and the information obtained gives you an edge. However, it’s also rendered to decide between two or more of your company’s web design that offers good impact on your users.

3. Evaluation

Every web design needs evaluation before its full launch. This type of testing is commonly applied to those newly designed websites which haven’t encountered by internet users. Since business owners desire a web design that clicks to their target audience, a good web design service should never miss this test at all costs.

One of the most important activities in web design is knowing the ability of your website to capture the hearts of your visitors. You definitely can’t do this without the pre, intra, or post testing. Put high emphasis on usability testing and you’ll see great results to your engagements and conversions.

Web Design and User Experience

It’s given that the target of most web design companies is to provide the best UX. But this isn’t something that’s easy to do. It requires a lot of skills, knowledge, and advanced tools to achieve the goal. Nonetheless, if you have the right web design service, then you don’t have to worry anything about your web design. Usability testing is just a regular website building routine and there’s even more that they could do for you.

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