Is LinkedIn For You?

Is LinkedIn For You?


How many bloggers use LinkedIn for growing their blogs? Is it a beneficial tool to use or does it just add to the long list of “great things to try” but really never get tried?

Blogging is not something that you just “arrive” at and end one day. It’s an ongoing, long-lasting marketing tool that clever bloggers know how to really use to maximize their blog’s branding.

LinkedIn, among others, is a wonderful marketing tool to help bloggers reach out and network with others in his or her community and to also find potential blogging opportunities that would have otherwise been lying dormant.

Here are a few things you can do to really maximize your usage with your LinkedIn account:

1. Set up a complete profile. Don’t leave anything out, including dates and a complete job description. Too often, bloggers will say they’ll “complete it later,” only to never go back and actually do it. Take the time to complete the profile in its entirety.

2. Connect with those inside — and outside — of your network. It’s important to find those relevant connections that will help your profile, but don’t forget to also look outside of your sphere of reach and see what other areas exist where your expertise can be helpful.

3. Don’t just connect, but build a relationship. Comment on articles that people write. Ask questions if you want to know something. Become a part of the community, not just a bystander.

4. Continue to connect with others by joining groups that are relevant to your area of expertise. This is a great way to build genuine connections and find opportunities to share your knowledge.

5. Advertise your LinkedIn membership where and whenever possible. This means showcasing it on your blog, your Facebook page or on your offline business cards. Opportunities exist in so many different places, so it’s a matter of being available and accessible at all times.

What other ways can you think of where LinkedIn can benefit your blogging career? How do you use the platform to build up your own blog?

I’d love to hear more about what you think about LinkedIn, or maybe you’d like to connect with me as well! You can find me on there or just send me an email at blogging [at] blogdash [dot][com]. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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